7 Reasons You Should Start a Cleaning Franchise Instead of Job Seeking

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Whether you are an experienced cleaning professional seeking work or just simply interested in learning more about what being a janitor entails, we recommend that you consider opening a commercial cleaning business instead. Read on to learn more about the several advantages of starting a commercial cleaning company.

1. Now more than ever, cleaning matters

Throughout the past year, businesses nationwide have had to adjust their normal, day-to-day operations in response to COVID-19. Many companies implemented measures like working from home, enforcing proper social distancing protocol in facilities, and routinely checking employees’ vitals following the initial outbreak.

Businesses, workplaces, and schools are seeking excellent cleaning services for their facilities as they begin to reopen and operate through COVID-19. A clean facility is essential to maintaining a safe and healthy workspace. Therefore, the cleaning services you provide are an essential business. Here at Corvus, we suggest that you seize the opportunity to become an essential business owner rather than simply filling the role of a janitor.

2. Help meet your financial goals

As the owner of an office cleaning company, you will reap many of the benefits that come with business ownership, like the chance to make money and become financially independent, for example. While owning a cleaning business does not guarantee automatic financial success, it has the potential to become incredibly lucrative over time.

Oftentimes, those who start a cleaning business do so as a way to supplement their pre-existing incomes. He or she likely has a full-time occupation and plans to clean a few customer accounts on a part-time basis. While you might start out by cleaning just a few customer accounts, there is certainly the opportunity to grow your business into a full-time job by which you completely support yourself. Whether you eventually hope to build a large, full-time business or are just hoping to make some extra money on the side, a commercial cleaning business can be tailored to meet your financial goals.

3. Stable market

Potential business owners and entrepreneurs are especially attracted to the cleaning industry’s low overhead model, recurring and reliable revenue streams, lower capital requirements in terms of launching, and the industry’s overarching stability. A commercial cleaning business requires relatively low startup capital and minimal ongoing overhead requirements. Since most people do not have the finances needed to start a business readily available, it is oftentimes hard and discouraging to start a business. The reduced financial barrier to entry associated with starting a commercial cleaning company makes it possible for people from all sorts of financial backgrounds to embrace their inner entrepreneur and begin operating their own business.

Despite what the state of the economy may be, businesses and other public spaces will need to keep their facilities clean, and thus, there will always be a need for cleaning services. We are seeing this consistent demand for quality cleaning and disinfecting services as we live through a global health pandemic. While many industries are concerned by how they will persevere, an earlier study predicted that the cleaning industry will earn over $46 billion dollars in 2020, and grow 10% by 2026. Commercial cleaning is a segment of the cleaning industry that offers a stable market with consistent demand.

4. You get to be your own boss

An especially attractive part of owning a cleaning company is that you get to be your own boss. As a janitor, you will be bound to what many consider to be burdens of the traditional workplace (having to report to a long chain of command, inflexible hours, a set schedule, etc.). As the owner of a commercial cleaning business, you are in control of making the right decisions for your business. Any financial, personal, and professional success that comes is even more rewarding knowing that you did it all on your own.

5. Expertise from your franchised business partner

While the idea of being an entrepreneur is very enticing, there is a lot of work that goes into starting your own business that oftentimes goes unrecognized. Becoming a business owner through an office cleaning franchise system is an excellent way to pursue your dream while avoiding many of the time-consuming and challenging tasks most startup companies endure. A cleaning franchise provides their Franchisees with marketing, sales, financing and other ongoing support that enables them to focus on delivering quality cleaning services to their customers. So, when you buy a franchise from Corvus, you are not only becoming an owner of a janitorial business, you are joining a community of experienced professionals that will provide you with resources that are difficult to obtain alone.

6. Automatic brand recognition

One of the most difficult aspects of the cleaning industry is building a clientele. While you may be a hard worker who provides excellent cleaning services on a consistent basis, businesses will often choose a cleaning company whose brand they recognize and trust. Opening a commercial cleaning business through an established franchise company is a great option. The brand of a franchisor has already been established over many years, and by representing that brand, customers will trust that you can offer the same quality service. Corvus helps folks start their own business using the nationally recognized Corvus brand and proprietary systems. The public is likely to already know the services you offer, and by representing the Corvus brand name, customers can trust that you will match the level of quality that Corvus provides.

7. The opportunity to Make Lives Better

While Corvus is a cleaning company, we are also a people company. Since our founding in 2004, our mission has first and foremost been to Make Lives Better. Everyday we pursue our mission by providing clean, healthy, and safe workplaces to our customers. The ways by which our Franchisees are able to make lives better is especially noticeable amidst the COVID-19 outbreak. Providing quality cleaning and disinfecting services allows for businesses to reopen their doors, employees to return to work and students to go back to school. A commercial cleaning company and the services they provide truly impact the members of your community.


The need for quality cleaning services is absolutely essential – now more than ever. Starting your own commercial cleaning business offers you stability, flexibility, and support while you are working hard to make your customer’s workplace as clean and safe as possible.

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