Corvus Franchise Owners Are Proud to Serve Essential Businesses

Proud to serve essential businesses

We are all living through uncertain and unprecedented times. Corvus Janitorial franchise owners are stepping up to the challenges facing our nation. While many businesses have gone into lockdown, essential service providers have remained open. They have faced the coronavirus pandemic head-on. Essential workers are continuing to provide goods and services to the general population, and they do this despite often putting themselves at a greater risk of infection. From food distributors to medical facilities, manufacturers to law enforcement, Corvus wants to thank essential workers. We are proud to service essential businesses and the employees that keep them running. We are proud to support those that are keeping their doors open for the good of the public.

Individuals and businesses have had to make radical changes in their everyday lives. This is particularly true for essential businesses, and they’ve had to adapt their practices in response to the novel coronavirus outbreak. Keeping employees safe and healthy has always been important, but never before has the issue been so front-of-mind and clear. In this volatile time, businesses are rapidly updating their standards and procedures. Cleaning regimens have seen more attention than most other areas. We support these businesses and their efforts to ensure a safe, sanitary workplace. As such, we’ve done what we can to make it easier for them. Corvus franchise owners have been accommodating changes in the scope of their services. This flexibility helps us provide high-level, unapparelled services.

In labor-intensive, high-volume essential industries like manufacturing, updates are necessary. A growing number of Corvus customers are requesting changes. Increases in the frequency of cleaning services have been a common request. Enhanced disinfection programs and day porting services are also in demand. We’re proud of what our Franchisees have been doing to help the state of the nation. So, we want to highlight some of the stories we’ve encountered over the last few weeks.

Chicago Corvus Franchisee, Marquette Dewitt, exemplifies our high standard of customer care. He has cleaned for Packaging Corporation of America for the last three years. Marquette and his team have expanded beyond their regular, after-hours cleaning services. They have begun day porting at the facility for four hours each day. Included in the expanded scope of service is routine, comprehensive disinfection. “With all that’s been going on with coronavirus, I am grateful to be able to provide these businesses – and their employees – with peace of mind. Being able to do my part to help essential businesses operate smoothly and safely is a great feeling, and I’m proud to be their partner,” Marquette reflects.

Medical facilities are in particular need of extensive cleaning and disinfecting programs. Medical professionals are right on the front lines. They are combatting COVID-19 and saving lives each day. Alere Toxicology Services is an excellent example of an essential medical business. Pre-coronavirus, this company provided substance abuse testing (and continues to do so). But now, they have been administering COVID-19 tests in the New Orleans metro area, as well. Due to the nature of this work, they have altered their procedures to keep their clients safe. Franchise owner, Keelee Menina, and her crew have increased cleaning and disinfecting to three times per day. Ms. Menina says, “It has been humbling and inspiring to see the work they are doing to help our community. Our region got hit very hard initially, and businesses like Alere are saving lives. I’m just glad that my team and I can support their efforts”.

The Arkansas Regional Organ Recovery Agency (ARORA) is another important company. ARORA collaborates with hospitals to facilitate organ and tissue donations. Corvus franchise owners service ARORA’s facilities in Little Rock and Northwest Arkansas. In a letter to local Corvus management, they’ve reminded us that what we do is so important. ARORA’s Executive Director writes, “I wanted to share my appreciation to Corvus for the outstanding work done by the cleaning team at our office… Thank you for your employee’s dedication to keeping our office clean and sanitized”. It is our pleasure; thank you, ARORA, for all that you do in our communities!

Protecting the most vulnerable members of our society is more important than ever. This has been a major emphasis during the pandemic. The elderly are at particularly high risk for serious complications from SARS-CoV-2. Statistics from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) highlight the severity of this risk. “Eight of 10 deaths reported in the U.S. have been in adults 65 years or older; risk of death is highest among those 85 years or older”. Elderly individuals in nursing homes and long-term care facilities are at the highest risk.

The communal nature of these facilities can act as a breeding ground for the virus. Data collected by the New York Times reveals that approximately 11% of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the United States have occurred in long-term care facilities. However, these facilities account for over one-third of case fatalities. It is critical that this demographic receives an even greater level of care and caution. This is true for the essential individuals who serve them, as well.

Corvus is proud to service organizations and facilities that care for elderly populations. These essential businesses provide care, medical supplies, and aid to senior citizens. Corvus of Orlando Franchisees, Julio Santos and Castillo Padilla, provide cleaning and disinfecting services to Seniors First and Kissimmee Outpatient. Seniors First facilitates local Meals on Wheels and similar programs in the area. Kissimmee Outpatient provides urgent care in the community. They have also been providing local COVID-19 testing. “The team [at Seniors First] has done so much good for the Orlando senior community over the years, and it has been really inspiring to see them step up in these difficult times. It’s an honor to be their partner – now more than ever,” Santos states.

Tarita Ivy, a Corvus of Indianapolis Franchisee, recently began performing services at HomeMed Pharmacy. HomeMed delivers essential pharmaceutical products and prescriptions to high-risk patients. “I was excited to take on the HomeMed account at the beginning of May. They are keeping vulnerable patients safe, and I’m glad to have the opportunity to contribute to their efforts”.

Corvus Janitorial Franchisees care about the communities that they serve. This has never been more clear. As this crisis evolves, we will continue to serve our communities in any way we can. Increased awareness, cleaning, and disinfecting can make all the difference. We’ll get through this together and we’ll come out stronger on the other side. If you’re ready to serve your community and take control of your career, this is the job for you, too. Contact us today to learn about business ownership with Corvus Janitorial Systems.

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