5 Ways Owning A Commercial Cleaning Company Helps Your Community

Corvus janitorial employees (2) with two commercial cleaning company franchise owners

In challenging and isolating times, discovering opportunities to connect with others is especially meaningful. Owning your own commercial cleaning company allows you to positively impact your community, and Corvus Janitorial’s dedicated Franchise Owners have found several ways to do just that. Here is how:

1. Deliver an Essential Service

Recent times have proven just how important and valuable commercial cleaning companies are. Just like grocery store employees, nurses, doctors, and first responders, these Franchise Owners are essential workers doing their jobs to keep our communities safe. The services they provide allow individuals to live freely, without the need to worry about their space being unclean or unsanitary. They truly care for the workplaces, businesses, schools, and members of the community that they serve.

2. Provide Expertise

Now more than ever, cleaning matters. There are many factors to consider when cleaning and disinfecting that are oftentimes overlooked. Do you think about dwell time when cleaning? Or if the products you use are even effective? Corvus Franchise Owners are experts in their field, and with that comes a much deeper understanding of what should be done to best protect their customers.

3. Contribute to the Economy

Commercial cleaning companies are a major, contributing factor to the wellbeing of local economies. Unemployment rates are higher than usual due to the Covid-19 pandemic, but clean and safe facilities help make it possible for people to go back to work. Without Franchise Owners’ hard work and dedication to public safety, local businesses would struggle to reopen and operate under clean and safe conditions.

4. Job Creation

Many Corvus Janitorial Franchise Owners have taken on several customer accounts and turned their Franchise into a scalable, full-time business. When this is the case, he or she may hire additional employees to fulfill their scope of responsibilities. In a time where so many people are burdened by unemployment, creating jobs for others has an immensely positive impact on the community.

5. Build Relationships in the Community

Commercial cleaning Franchise Owners serve a large variety of industries where they communicate, educate, inform, and assist their clients along the way. In doing so, they build trust within their community and create meaningful and valuable connections. By doing their jobs to meet the cleaning needs of others, a true partnership is created between Franchise Owners and customers.

Corvus Gives Thanks

Corvus Janitorial Systems wants to thank all the essential workers who are bravely serving our communities every day. We are proud to service essential businesses and the employees who keep them running.

If you’re ready to serve your community and take control of your career, owning a commercial cleaning company might be right for you. Contact us today to learn about business ownership with Corvus Janitorial Systems.

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