When choosing your next commercial cleaning company, it is imperative to find the company that best suits your company’s unique needs. You may have cubicles that need dusting, classroom floors that need sterilizing, or a warehouse that needs to be deep cleaned twice a week, and finding the company equipped to satisfy those needs can take a significant burden off of your employees. This blog post aims to help find the right cleaning company for you, and provides you with some criteria you to consider while making the decision. Each cleaning company is different, and we want to help you sift through the noise and find the right partner to keep your facility clean and your mind at ease.

Consistent Communication

When partnering with an outside contractor – a commercial cleaning company – good communication is necessary for an effective partnership and sustained success. The contractor is most likely unfamiliar with your business practices and company culture, and you are most likely unfamiliar with theirs. In order for the your new cleaners to fulfill their requirements, they must first be introduced to the intricacies of your needs. As the on-boarding process begins, make sure you spend time explaining these needs to both the representatives from the company and the cleaners. Understanding the needs of your new cleaners is also an important part of a successful new partnership. If you are familiar with your contractors, and comfortable communicating with them, then you will be much better equipped to solve problems and pass along new instructions.

Therefore, taking the time to learn about the function of your new cleaning contractor’s business will improve the quality of your cleans and increase your preparedness in the event of a problem. Additionally, cultivating rapport with your cleaners creates a more positive and healthy work environment. Because achieving success in a commercial cleaning partnership is so reliant on consistent and good communication, a company’s availability and commitment to client relations should be a major factor in your cleaning decisions.

Relationships Matter

Corvus Janitorial prioritizes the customer experience in our day to day operations. We understand the necessity of a strong relationship between the client and the service provider, and we have worked tirelessly to create a culture of superb customer communication. Our sales representatives are available 24 hours a day, and you will never be referred to a representative who is outside of your direct service area. Additionally, we believe that consistent face-to-face interaction strengthens the business relationship. Our team members will be on your doorstep once a month ensuring quality cleans, remedying any complaints, and searching for ways to make your experience ever better for the entirety of your time working with Corvus. In fact, it is not uncommon for our CEO to spend the day on the phone calling customers himself. We are a cleaning company, but we are also a people company – and that comes from our commitment to communication.

Commercial Cleaning Corporate Culture

Company culture is another important factor to consider while choosing a cleaning company to partner with. Cleaning companies come in all shapes and sizes, ranging from massive, publicly traded franchising operations to small, single-owner local business. Because of this variety, it can be hard to sift through the many different options, but the diversity of choice opens the door for your company to find a partner that not only meets your business’s needs but also your ethical standards. Both business structures will provide benefits to your company, but they will be quite different. Many large franchised commercial cleaning companies will give you access to professionalized cleaning, well-trained crews, and up-to-date equipment, but it is possible that you will not receive the personal attention and face-to-face contact that you would from a small local business. Each company needs to find the right mixture of size and attention for their company. The size of the company, as well as if it issues franchises, are two major determinants for company culture. Especially with larger companies, it is important to look at their mission to ensure it aligns with your own.

Corvus is a unique franchised cleaning company because we straddle the divide between the benefits of the massive companies and the small ones. Corvus is a national, franchise issuing company serving markets across the continental United States that aims to be a platform for local entrepreneurial success. The founders of the Corvus continue to own and operate the business, and are directly involved in management. Being a franchise based company allows us to provide support and guidance for local entrepreneurs. Corvus’s franchise platform is designed to uplift local small business owners and provide them with a path to financial self-determination. Corvus has a commitment to helping local economies flourish and proudly supports American small businesses. At the same time, however, Corvus’s national profile allows us to provide customers with a brand of quality training and cleaning that a smaller company may not be able to offer.

Research Janitorial Service Providers

Another way to effectively gauge whether a cleaning company is right for you is to look at other customer’s reviews of the service. Reviews are, for the most part, trustworthy insights into a company’s customer satisfaction. Customer reviews can also give you insight into a company’s strengths and weaknesses, insights that are often not available simply by browsing their website and additional material. Reviews are helpful in highlighting possible inconsistencies between your company’s needs and a cleaner’s servicer, but they are also useful in identifying the companies that fit your specific needs. Testimonials are one metric where larger companies have a distinct advantage because their size creates a general standard of service across the board, and the wide reach of this service means reviews are plentiful.

Corvus has received wonderful reviews across the board in all of our locations. This sustained customer support can be attested to a number of factors, chiefly our high-quality, trust-worthy cleaners and commitment to customer relations. Tana Vanderhooft, a Corvus of New Orleans customer, can speak directly to those benefits. She says, “We have used Corvus for almost 2 years now and have considered their service and customer support to be exceptional! Services were always provided when expected and service was always top notch. Our account manager, Reed was always very responsive and acted immediately to any questions or requests for additional work. I would recommend Corvus to anyone looking for a reliable cleaning service. Thank you Corvus!” Testimonials like this underscore the Corvus Difference.

What Will Cleaning Services Cost You?

One final factor to consider while choosing a janitorial service: is a commercial cleaning partnership an efficient use of my company’s money? If the answer to that is yes, then it is imperative that you find a cleaning company that employs efficient cleaning systems and strategies in order to maximize your benefits per dollar spent. Once again, this is where a larger cleaning company can often outperform a smaller, single owner operation. Corvus utilizes expert designed cleans, specifically tailored for your facility, that aim to maximize efficiency while also completing a high-quality clean. Our franchising system allows all of our cleaners to access training courses and receive instruction on how to most effectively clean your facility. These scientific methods are often not prevalent in smaller cleaning operations that lack the necessary resources to create them. Corvus aims to provide our customers with a high-quality, personalized experience for a reasonable price: every single time.

Corvus Has Your Back

No doubt, choosing a new cleaning company is a daunting task, but at Corvus we are here to help. Feel free to reach out to one of our representatives because we are more than happy to talk you through the process. Whether you want to start tomorrow or just have a few introductory questions, our representatives have seen it all and look forward to passing on their experience to you. Remember, your local Corvus office is just a click away.

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