Janitorial Franchises: Embracing Diversity

Posted October 21, 2022


Valued at almost $293 billion, the commercial cleaning industry is growing by the day—and Corvus Janitorial Systems offers people from all social classes the chance to become part of a unified, cooperative, and collaborative community. In efforts to become more inclusive, we’re looking for franchisees of all ages, genders, religions, races, and abilities. We believe that, as our workforce becomes more diverse, we will use our franchisees’ unique experiences and perspectives to drive growth, increase competition, and solve industry-wide problems.

Although the push for diversity and inclusion isn’t a new concept, America’s industrial sector still has work to do. Minorities will have more than $3 trillion in purchasing power by 2030; just 20 years after that, people of color will make up almost half of the country’s population. While these changes are promising, they’re not reflected in the makeup of most companies’ executive boards. For instance, women are promoted 20% less often than men, and less than 20% of the workforce is disabled.

As our country changes, it’s becoming increasingly important for companies to recognize the societal and competitive advantages of diversity, and to ensure that their workforces reflect current demographics. Here, we’ll explain the differences between diversity, equity, and inclusion, why these qualities are so important in janitorial franchising, and we will also offer a few tips for the advancement of diversity.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion: Similar, but Different

To understand the importance of diversity, equity, and inclusion in the franchising world, employers must first learn the significance of each variable and how it drives change.

  • Diversity is the concept of a group of people from different backgrounds, all coming together to achieve a common goal. It also refers to differences in identity, preferences, experiences, and thought patterns. A person’s identity encompasses numerous aspects, including their age, race, gender identity, religion, body size, and social status. Workplace diversity is defined as the hiring of people from all backgrounds and identities. While a single person cannot be diverse, a group of people certainly can be.
  • Equity is access, advancement, opportunity, and fair treatment for all. It’s a practice that requires companies, even cleaning franchises, to find and remove obstacles that have, in the past, prevented certain groups from taking part in the workforce. Equity largely determines who can access career opportunities and how workers are valued. The implementation of workplace equity plans should be well thought out and purposeful, and franchise owners must thoroughly evaluate their procedures and guidelines to ensure that their workplaces are fair.
  • Inclusion is more than a byproduct of diversity; it’s also the result of decisive actions that make employees feel respected and valued. Inclusive workplaces are safe spaces where team members can speak freely and work according to their own needs, responsibilities, and schedules. Along with these qualities, inclusion also encompasses assorted styles of work, leadership, and communication. To create an inclusive workplace, a cleaning franchise owner must meet workers’ unique requirements and allow their voices to be heard.

Corvus is committed to diversity, equity, and inclusivity in its practices and philosophies. Contact us today to learn more about our views or to discuss franchising opportunities in your area.

Fostering Creativity and Innovation

The commercial cleaning industry is run by people of various backgrounds, experience, and skill levels, which means that diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives will build a spirit of innovation and creativity. When franchise owners focus on these qualities and create a diverse and welcoming work environment, employees are more likely to share their thoughts with others. DEI offers several benefits, but its ability to help businesses stand out is one of the most important.

Offering a Selection of Skills

Cleaning franchise owners who hire workers from diverse backgrounds are more likely to gain access to the skill sets needed for business growth and expansion. By building a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment, franchisors and franchisees bring in new perspectives that make brainstorming and problem-solving easier.

Recruiting Top Talent

Inclusion and diversity are important criteria for many job seekers, even in today’s employment market. When potential team members see that a cleaning business hires people of all races, nationalities, ability levels, and backgrounds, they’re more likely to feel welcome. This level of acceptance allows franchises to recruit the area’s top talent, as hiring decisions are based on qualities other than physical appearance.

Increasing Employee Morale

Working in a diverse and inclusive environment increases workers’ morale and job satisfaction, which will reflect in the quality of results produced. When employees feel truly at home, they tend to thrive in their roles—and the business will flourish as well.

Boosting Productivity

As diversity and inclusion come to the forefront, so does a commercial cleaning franchise’s collaborative spirit and, in turn, its productivity. A diverse team brings a range of skills and experience to the table, facilitating team-wide learning and collaboration. As productivity increases, so does the free flow of ideas—putting DEI-focused cleaning franchises ahead of competitors who are still doing things the old-fashioned way.

Understanding Customers’ Needs

Increasing diversity and inclusivity doesn’t just bring internal benefits; it also allows franchisees to market their janitorial services to the right audience. When employees come from backgrounds like those of the target demographic, promotional opportunities and growth come naturally.

Raising Revenue

With the successful management of an inclusive and diverse workforce, revenue increases are a virtual certainty. As employees become happier and more fulfilled in their roles, they’ll introduce productivity-boosting concepts that differentiate your business from its competitors. DEI isn’t just about the money, though; it’s also about your cleaning company’s culture.

Driving Financial Performance

The economic benefits of an ethnically, gender, and demographically diverse team cannot be understated. Numerous studies show that diverse companies typically achieve financial returns exceeding national industry averages.

The advantages don’t stop there—a team’s makeup should reflect that of the community and the company’s customer base. Whether you’re a franchise owner or a franchisor, the team you’ve built will make a significant difference in the business’ performance.

Advancing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in the Workplace: Tips for Commercial Cleaning Franchises

Now that we’ve gone over the importance of diversity and inclusion in business, we’ll offer a few franchise-friendly tips.

  1. Assess the franchise’s current state. Even the best diversity initiatives are useless without a preliminary diversity audit. The process is simple; it starts when owners learn about community perceptions, supplier relationships, and consumer demographics. When owners know who they’re marketing to and hiring, they’ll learn where to focus their DEI efforts.
  2. Find financial support. When franchisees come from diverse backgrounds, some may be economically disadvantaged. Corvus Janitorial works strongly to offer the financial aid minority franchisees need to get started.
  3. Focus on minority suppliers. Diversity in ownership is just one way for franchisees to become more inclusive. Another way is to focus on minority and women-owned supply businesses. Finding a diverse selection of vendors strengthens the community in which a franchise runs and increases competition, improving the quality of goods and services.
  4. Create innovative recruitment strategies. Using conventional talent recruitment methods provides run-of-the-mill results. To increase the breadth and depth of your franchise’s talent pool, consider going to job fairs in disadvantaged communities, taking part in workforce development programs, and recruiting at community colleges.
  5. Rewrite job descriptions. To attract a wider selection of potential hires, it’s best to write inclusive job descriptions. Use a text editing utility to cut antiquated, biased verbiage, and re-evaluate skill requirements so roles appeal to more applicants. By focusing on qualities needed to do the job, rather than a person’s work history, you’ll find more candidates.
  6. Approach interviews differently. The job interview process is sometimes biased against candidates from certain genders, races, and cultures. Your cleaning franchise’s interview process must fairly assess applicants’ qualifications without relying on outdated stereotypes.
  7. Be more supportive. Diverse hiring practices are a great first step, and increasing support and engagement is a natural progression. Providing career development and resource assistance further supports new employees and allows them to grow, thrive, and broaden their career prospects.
  8. Take an active role in the community. Participating in professional groups and community organizations helps cleaning franchise owners respect, understand, and tap into the diversity that’s already within their companies. Becoming part of the community creates lasting connections that help franchise owners attract new clients and find a diverse choice of potential hires.


Creating a more diverse cleaning franchise is a long-term effort. Results will be slow to come, and the process will naturally create challenges. With time, hard work, and commitment at the franchisor and franchisee levels, everyone will enjoy the public relations, business, and profitability benefits that come with an inclusive workplace.

Create a More Diverse, Equitable, and Inclusive Workplace

Recent events have brought matters of equity, diversity, and inclusion to the forefront, and nowhere is it more important than in today’s work environment. At Corvus Janitorial Systems, we’re committed to inclusivity in everything we do, and we’d love to share that focus and commitment with you. Receive more information via our online form or call today to discuss franchising with one of our friendly client service representatives.

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