Is NOW a Good Time to Start a Franchise Janitorial Business?

Posted August 18, 2022

Is Now a Good Time to Start a Cleaning Franchise Business?

According to a recent write-up in the New York Post, more than 60 percent of Americans admit to having aspirations of owning their own business. Many people have amazing ideas for businesses, but they’re a bit hesitant to jump headfirst into such a venture. Some like the idea of working for themselves but aren’t quite sure of where to start. 

At the same time, countless people who have been considering starting their own business are afraid now isn’t the best time to branch out to that extent. After all, the last few years have been uncertain. Many have said that uncertainty is the only certainty any of us can count on in this world, but the past couple of years have taken that sentiment well beyond previous notions. That’s particularly true for many people in the business world.

With that in mind, a number of those who would like to start their own company just aren’t sure if this is a good time to do so. If they were to take the plunge right now, which niche of the market would be the best one to choose? Though the options are virtually limitless in that regard, people often overlook the possibility of offering janitorial services as a fruitful business opportunity.

Is Now a Good Time to Start a Business?

First off, let’s take a look at the timing aspect of starting a franchise janitorial business. Despite all the hesitation, uncertainty, and concerns for the future, numerous experts are saying this is actually a suitable time to start a business for many aspiring entrepreneurs out there. Consider some of the key reasons this is a good time to make that leap.

Plentiful Business Funding Opportunities

One of the main hurdles people face when starting a business is acquiring the funding they need to make it happen. Most don’t have a sizable sum of money in their savings account or assets they can liquidate to bridge that gap. In the past, getting a loan to start a business wasn’t exactly easy. In many cases, applicants found that lenders required them to have money to be able to borrow money. 

That created a vicious cycle that dashed the dreams of far too many hopeful businesspeople, but it’s not necessarily the case these days. Considering the number of business closings due to the pandemic and the endless benefits businesses bring to their communities and the nation’s economy as a whole, loans, grants, and other funding solutions are becoming more readily available.

In a few years, when America rebounds from the pandemic and the economy and business realm stabilize, lenders may begin to tighten their purse strings again

The Market Is Growing

Consumers are spending more money right now as they regain confidence in their income and buying power. That means the market for what you have to offer is growing. Some might wonder how such a general statement could be true. To which market are we referring? Which products and services are people looking for?

Honestly, almost all markets seem to be surging from baked goods and vegan foods to electronics and children’s toys. Just about any niche you may have in mind still has room for more people to fill it at the moment, and that trend is likely to continue for quite some time. If you get in on the ground floor now, you’ll be set up for success down the road. In a few years, you could be the established, trusted brand consumers turn to as they veer away from incoming startups.

No Need for an Office

During the Covid pandemic, many businesses did away with their offices in favor of remote or hybrid-work. In the process, these businesses saved on the expenses that come with having a physical office. A Corvus Janitorial Systems franchise is always home-based, so there’s no need for physical office space. As a result, our franchisees avoid having to worry about the costs and burdens from keeping and maintaining a physical office. The entire business can be run from the comfort of your home, allowing you further flexibility.

You’re Ready to Make that Move

It’s also important to consider your own feelings about starting a business right now. Do you feel you’re ready? Do you have the funding to get a business up and running? Do you already have a solid plan in place? If you feel you’re ready now, move forward with confidence.  There will always be a degree of nervousness starting your own business, but successful business owners don’t let that hold them back. 

Is a Janitorial Business a Favorable Opportunity?

With all that being said, let’s delve into whether janitorial services is a favorable sector for starting a business. People tend to overlook this industry. Their minds automatically drift to seemingly more glamorous niches rather than considering the benefits of offering professional cleaning services. As it turns out, janitorial service could be a highly lucrative business opportunity for people who’d like to own their own businesses. 

Less Competition than Other Sectors

Right now, countless people have their hearts set on profiting from the ever-growing e-commerce craze. Food service is another industry that’s experiencing a surge. Numerous entrepreneurs are also looking to the technology sector. Considering the number of new businesses cropping up in those fields, the competition is growing increasingly fierce.

If you’re part of the janitorial service sector, you won’t be up against nearly as much competition as you would in many other industries. As mentioned, this isn’t the first thought that crosses entrepreneurs’ minds when they’re deciding which niche to enter. Depending on where you set up shop, you may be the only business of your kind in the area.

That’ll make you all the more important to businesses in your service area. It’ll also make marketing and advertising much simpler and more effective. The market will be wide open, and you’ll be there to establish your place in the industry. Since so many people fail to consider the professional cleaning industry, there won’t be as much of a risk of others trying to move in on your territory once you reach the top, either. 

Businesses Need Janitorial Services

There’s no denying that the demand for janitorial services is growing. Based on a recent report, this sector is surging by about six percent annually. No doubt, the pandemic scared quite a few companies into seeking professional cleaning crews to get rid of that viral threat. Of course, it’s only one of the latest in a list of contaminants that has been growing for years. Keep in mind, local businesses need to keep up a good appearance to impress their customers, too.

Any number of potential customers could be waiting for a reliable janitorial service to come into their area. Offices are common clients, but they’re not the only spaces that need professional cleaning and sanitizing services. Schools, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, government buildings, retail stores, clinics, and an endless list of other companies are looking for janitorial services.

The market will be yours to dominate. All those entrepreneurs who chose other niches will be turning to you to keep their businesses clean, safe, and presentable. You won’t have to worry about consumers losing interest in your company, either. People will always need cleaning and sanitizing services.

Is Starting a Franchise Janitorial Services Business a Good Idea?

Now, we’ll cover the prospect of starting a franchise janitorial services business. People often balk at the concept of buying into a franchise business. They’re afraid the franchisor will place too many restrictions on them and prevent them from spreading their wings. In truth, a franchise is the perfect solution for many entrepreneurs.

Lower Start-Up Costs

Buying a franchise is often less costly than starting a completely new business. That means you won’t have to spend as much time saving up for the venture. If you’ll be relying on a business loan, you may be more likely to receive funding for a smaller amount than a larger one. It’s also fair to mention that the start-up costs here at Corvus Janitorial Systems are among the lowest in the janitorial services field. We offer a range of financing packages for franchisees as well.

Banking on an Established Brand

For many businesses, creating a brand and building trust among consumers are immensely difficult. It takes a lot to impress consumers these days, and many are unwilling to do business with unknown brands that don’t have a solid track record. Purchasing a franchise allows you to bank on an already-established brand with a ready-made following. You’ll already have brand awareness and recognition as well as customer loyalty on your side. 

Extensive Support 

Starting a business is a major undertaking. You have to have all the right tools to get started before opening your doors. Furthermore, you have to build a business plan, create an effective method for training employees, and cover numerous other bases to stay afloat.

When you buy a franchise, all those aspects have already been taken care of. You also receive expert support from a brand that wants you to flourish. After all, you’re part of the team, and its overall reputation depends on your success.

Better Risk-to-Reward Ratio

Franchises have a higher average success rate than standalone businesses. On the other hand, franchises come with lower risks than independent businesses. That’s another factor that could improve your chances of acquiring a business loan or a lower interest rate. It’ll also greatly boost your chance of thriving in the business world. 

Is This a Good Time to Start a Franchise Janitorial Business?

To recap, this is a great time to start a business considering all the opportunities available to entrepreneurs. Though the possibilities are endless, starting a janitorial business is certainly a favorable choice. Professional janitorial services is an underserved niche with growing demand, so this type of business will certainly be a welcome addition to your community. 

Buying a franchise offers numerous advantages over starting a business from scratch. Taking this route is generally less risky than the alternative. With all that being the case, now is absolutely a great time to start a franchise janitorial business. At Corvus, our affordable and growth-focused franchise opportunities may be the perfect fit to make your dreams of owning a business come true. Contact us today to learn more about Corvus janitorial franchise opportunities.

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