How to Safely Disinfect Your Phone and Electronics

In recent weeks, the Coronavirus Pandemic has brought a lot of attention to the importance of cleanliness and the prevention of spreading germs. From wearing masks in public to sanitizing our groceries, we are doing more and more to eliminate our chances of potentially spreading or contracting this disease. You may be surprised to learn that one of the biggest germ distributors is, actually, our phones. Did you know that studies show that your phone is approximately seven times dirtier than a toilet on any given day?

When you think about it, it does make sense. We are constantly checking it and taking it everywhere we go. The germs on every surface we touch are ultimately shared on our devices when we check the time, a notification, or make a phone call.

During this pandemic, the CDC suggests that we disinfect our daily used items, such as our phones and electronics, regularly. Corvus Janitorial Systems would like to share some of our tips to safely disinfect your high-touch, everyday devices.

Follow Manufacturer’s Guidelines

First and foremost, make sure that you are following your specific devices’ manufacturer’s recommendation. For example, Apple specifically says for its users to not use any type of cleaning products on its devices’ surfaces.

Utilize a Wipeable Cover

If the specific phone or electronic that you have does not allow any types of soaps or cleaners to be used, the next best option is to get a cover that does.

If you cannot afford a phone cover that will allow you to disinfect your phone properly, we’d suggest placing your device in a sandwich bag if you are going out of the house. Let’s say you are going to the grocery store. Before leaving your home, you can put your phone in a resealable sandwich bag. While you are at the store, you can still use your phone, but the germs from your hands will not be transferred to it. Then, when you arrive back home, wash your hands thoroughly, then retrieve the phone from the bag. It’ll be like you never left!

Wipes and Sprays

If your device’s manufacturer’s guideline allows you to utilize disinfectant or a cleaner (or if you have a wipeable cover), then the CDC suggests that the safest way to keep your phone and electronics disinfected is to use wipes or sprays that have a minimum of 70% alcohol.

Fears of spreading COVID-19 have led to a shortage of disinfectant wipes. If you can’t get your hand on any of those, here are some other suggestions:

● Use a damp paper towel with gentle soap
● Try a damp paper towel with rubbing alcohol and water
● Dampen a paper towel with any disinfectant spray cleaner

Use the paper towel or wipe to disinfect all surfaces of your device or phone. Make sure you are careful not to get any on the open surfaces (headphone jack, etc.). Once you have finished, dry devices thoroughly.

In Conclusion…

The thought of potentially spreading or contracting COVID-19 can be really scary. These are unprecedented times that have us taking unprecedented measures. Keeping your phone and devices clean can truly make a huge impact on the spreading of germs. Ultimately, this will bring us one step closer to flattening the curve and getting us through this difficult time. While this isn’t a comprehensive list of all the ways to disinfect your phone and electronics, we hope we’ve provided you with a great starting point for keeping germs at bay.

This piece is meant simply to inform, not to provide any legal or medical advice.

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