How Coronavirus Will Change Your Office

Posted June 5, 2020

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Now that restrictions are lifting, most of us are left wondering what post-coronavirus life will look like. The CDC is urging businesses, schools, and other facilities to follow updated practices as they re-open. Until we have a better understanding, an effective vaccine, and pre-COVID numbers, it’s up to us to ensure the health and safety of ourselves and the people around us. If you’re wondering how the coronavirus outbreak will change your office, there’s a lot here to consider.

Why Offices Employers and Employees Need to Adjust

We all need to continue doing our part in slowing the spread and ending this pandemic. If the numbers have gone down enough for your town to feel comfortable re-opening, that’s a good sign. But it doesn’t mean that we’re entirely in the clear yet. By following updating practices, keeping our distance, changing our office setups, and increasing our cleaning and disinfecting processes, we can keep ourselves and each other safe.

For the last few months, the majority of America’s workforce has been working from home. In a recent survey, 66% of workers reported that they’re not comfortable going back to their workplace the way things are right now. But if you work for a company that requires your physical presence at work each day now that restrictions are lifting, employers and employees will have to compromise. It’s up to employers to make their valued employees feel more comfortable, safe, and valued.

In the same survey, 64% of respondents would prefer the ability to wear a mask at work; 61% hope to maintain social distancing in the office, and 49% want to see limited numbers in workplace meetings. These are a few things that are easy to implement as offices reopen. And they’re a great start. But we all have to do more.

Why Office Spaces Need to Change

Most traditional office spaces have been set up in a way that doesn’t align with proper social distancing. After all, this is something that we didn’t see coming. But now, it’s time to adjust. Office spaces with open layouts, large conference rooms, shared workspaces, and a clear lack of division won’t survive the post-coronavirus world. Unless employers want to see their offices shut down again while their employees fight the virus at home, office spaces will have to change. They’ll need to create more space between cubicles or workspaces, break meetings into smaller groups, and operate at a reduced capacity until we know it’s safe again.

The CDC is recommending:

• Hazard assessments in the workplace
• Cloth face coverings at work (or more drastic protection measures if the area is deemed hazardous)
• Keeping six feet of distance between each individual
• Immediately sending symptomatic employees home
• Increasing air circulation in shared spaces
• Cleaning and disinfecting routinely

What the Post-Coronavirus Office will Look and Feel Like

The good news is that many offices are already implementing a lot of the changes we’ve talked about. In the short-term, many are occupying their offices at a reduced capacity. Some are suggesting that employees alternate their schedules so that only 50% of them are in the office at the same time. This would mean that in one workweek, 50% would be working in the office while the other 50% work from home. The following week, they’d switch. Large meetings are being canceled, moved to virtual, shortened, or broken up into smaller groups. Temperatures are being checked at the door. Face masks are being worn throughout the day.

Another change you’ll notice immediately is that your cubicle probably won’t look the way it did three months ago. At least some of them won’t. Ones with thick, high walls may remain. But others that serve as flimsy dividers that end at your chin will likely be improved or replaced. The same way fast-food chains, convenience, and grocery stores have implemented shields made of plexiglass or similar materials, we can expert similar enclosures from our office cubicles.

These are excellent changes to make until we have more substantial processes to rely on. But now that we know how quickly a simple virus can come along and shake up the whole world, we have to consider long-term changes, too. For experts, businesses, and many others, long-term requirements are clear. And one of the largest ones is updated and increased cleaning and disinfecting procedures. This is where Corvus Janitorial and our incredible franchisees come in.

The Bottom Line

For the foreseeable future, it’s important to follow the CDC’s updates closely. Changed office spaces, reduced capacities, consistent use of masks and social distancing, and increased cleaning and disinfecting procedures are all current recommendations. Almost all offices will need more cleaning and disinfecting services now that the scope of work has changed. What used to be a schedule of casual vacuuming, dusting, and light cleaning for many companies has now evolved into a true medical need. We need increased attention and care to keep ourselves, workers, our families, and our communities safe.

Corvus Janitorial can help meet these goals and mitigate the spread of the virus by providing more thorough, regular disinfection programs. Both the methods and the frequencies must be updated. In an ongoing effort to help fight against the spread of COVID, we’ve implemented a high-impact disinfection system with highly effective techniques that have been proven in other settings. These systems have been used in hospitals, clinics, and airlines to thoroughly and properly disinfect high-touch and high-traffic areas. We’re thrilled to be bringing these systems to your offices to keep you, your employees, and your families safe.

Our new disinfection processes include:

• Electrostatic sprayers
• ULV fogging
• UV light disinfection

Electrostatic sprayers use an electrical charge to apply a high-quality coating, cleaner, or disinfectant to the chosen surface. This makes it easier to cover more surface area, disinfect hard-to-reach areas, and eliminate any human error involved in manual disinfecting. This way, all surfaces are properly disinfected, not just the high-touch ones. Additionally, when disinfectants are applied this way, they don’t have to be wiped down. This eliminates the dwell time and increases its effectiveness.

ULV fogging is another service that is used by major airlines. This is a similar process, in which a pump and blower are used to atomize the cleaner or disinfectant and spread it in the air. This allows for greater coverage, disinfection or larger areas, and an efficient, effective process. Lastly, UV light disinfection stops germs, bacteria, and viruses in their tracks. Without the use of chemicals, this method relies on wavelengths of UV light that give you rapid and effective results. Our cleaning and disinfecting processes are a step above the rest. Call us today to see what we can do for you.

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