A Franchise Owner can learn and grow in new areas despite not having as much experience as you may expect.

A significant benefit to partnering with a franchising company is working alongside individuals who understand the industry through and through. As a Franchisee, you have access to a pre-established business model, the backing of an existing brand, and training and support you typically would not find when starting your own business. Other benefits include established capital, a shorter development period, the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals, and being your own boss. It is no surprise that the franchise industry employs over twenty-one million people and generates $2.3 trillion in economic activity.

But just like anything worthwhile, some problems come along with franchising. Luckily, Corvus Janitorial Systems can provide clear, actionable solutions. Read on to learn our suggestions for growing your cleaning franchise:

Dream Big!

Corvus believes in dreaming big, working with integrity, building valuable relationships, and making lives better. We provide technology and tools, sales and marketing support, ongoing training, and a stellar reputation that empowers you to stop dreaming and start doing. Owning your own commercial cleaning franchise means owning your future, independence, and security…all without facing the daunting task of starting a business from scratch.

Foster Relationships

As previously stated, a thorough and well-thought-out expansion plan is essential to growing a successful franchise. A notable component of this plan is fostering existing relationships. From the franchisor to the customers to the surrounding community- trust, honesty, and open dialogue are vital elements to upholding valuable relationships.

Building your franchise would be substantially harder without experienced professionals showing you the way. Every relationship is valuable along your journey, which is why keeping an open line of communication between you and your franchisor, employees, and clients- both new and old- is of the utmost importance.

Follow a Consistent System

For a franchise to truly expand, each individual involved must understand and agree upon the rules, goals, processes, and values it holds. A consistent system ensures that everyone is on the same page, yet inconsistency continues to be a significant challenge Franchise Owners face. Partnering with a franchisor like Corvus assures you that a proven system is already in place. Our decades of experience have shaped our understanding of what does and does not work, which in turn allows you to focus on implementing what you learn in training, create guidelines, and build a strong team.

Hire the Right People

While we are on the topic of teams, let us take a moment to discuss the importance of hiring the right people and providing the proper training. Take your time when building your team. Ask potential candidates questions that require thought and discussion to ensure their experience and values align with your franchise. You are working hard to turn your dreams into reality, so hire a team that is ready to work hard and willing to learn.

Listen to the Customer

As a commercial cleaning franchisor, delivering high-quality cleaning and disinfecting services is ultimately your top priority. Therefore, customer satisfaction is the ultimate testament to how your business is performing. When customers provide feedback, listen carefully and make it clear that what they are saying is understood. This is especially true when the feedback is negative. Rather than feel offended or get defensive, see it as constructive criticism. When you are growing a franchise, any feedback you receive is an opportunity to learn and grow.

Partner with Corvus

Following a franchisor with an established expansion plan and experienced staff will enable you to grow at your desired rate. Corvus understands that human connection is the basis of any successful business transaction. Since 2004, we have helped entrepreneurs all across the nation successfully open and operate their own businesses. We are more than a franchise opportunity…we are a network of small business owners with similar goals. Check out our blog for more resources on Franchise Ownership and all things commercial cleaning.

About Corvus Janitorial Systems

Founded in 2004 to make people’s lives better, Corvus Janitorial Systems is a full-service commercial cleaning franchisor that offers cleaning services through reputable local Franchisees. Corvus has been guided by its mission to transform people and transform places by consistently delivering independence, security, and freedom to Franchisees who deliver high-quality cleaning to offices, educational buildings, medical buildings/offices, recreational centers, industrial parks, and other spaces. Visit our website for more information regarding Corvus and the franchise opportunities we offer nationwide.

Disclaimer: This blog is for general information only. It is not intended to advise an individual on their purchase of a franchise and should not be used in place of legal counsel. There are many factors that affect the purchase of a franchise. Any person considering the purchase of a franchise should become familiar with their state laws related to franchising.

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