If you’ve ever wanted to leave the 9-5 lifestyle and be in control, starting a commercial cleaning franchise can be challenging yet rewarding. You’ll get to reap the benefits of business ownership with built-in help and support, and the only limit to the company’s earning potential is the level of effort you’re willing to put in.

While entrepreneurship isn’t right for everyone, franchise opportunities make it easier to stop working for others and start earning money for yourself. It’s a good time to start a business—and we will discuss some of the benefits below.

Doing What You Enjoy

It’s the main reason people start businesses, and it’s a good one: when a person believes in the services and products they’re selling, it motivates them to work harder. Though it’s tough to arrive at an exact dollar value, getting paid to do something enjoyable leads to increased job satisfaction.

While passion is important, of course, it’s not all you’ll need. Success requires an in-depth knowledge of the products and services being sold. As a Corvus Janitorial Systems franchisee, you’ll receive the guidance and mentorship needed to build skills and thrive as a local business owner.

Setting a Workable Schedule

Another great thing about owning a commercial cleaning business is the ability to set your own schedule. Though you’ll need to operate during certain hours to interact with facility managers and business owners, franchise ownership does offer greater flexibility in terms of hours and workdays. By researching your target market and their expectations, and by maintaining a degree of flexibility, success as a janitorial franchise owner is possible.

A Sense of Pride in a Job Well Done

It’s particularly gratifying to take an idea from the drawing board to reality. Life as an owner-operator does require long hours at times, but it’s easier to cope with when, in the end, you see the results of all that effort. Take the time to commemorate even the smallest victories, as every step in the right direction is a step worth taking.

Being in Control

Though a franchise owner only answers to themselves, that means the fate of the company is in their hands. As an owner, you’re the one making all the decisions, from those pertaining to daily operations to those affecting the rest of the business.

Being an owner has its perks, but it’s important to keep in mind that, at the end of the day, you’re still accountable to clients and employees. Owning a commercial cleaning franchise means being in control, which is hard work—but it will pay dividends in the form of stronger client relationships.

Building Confidence With a Proven Business Model

As a potential franchisee, it’s easy to understand the benefits of joining our network. Some advantages, however, aren’t as apparent. Joining Corvus Janitorial Systems as a franchise owner saves a great deal of time and effort, as you’ll immediately have access to proven processes and products. With a system already in place, new franchise owners can build the confidence they need to succeed.

Self-confidence is a crucial aspect of franchise ownership, along with faith and commitment. Don’t let the potential for failure prevail over the belief that your cleaning business will succeed; rather, let the fear motivate you. All businesses, even successful ones, go through challenges, and a healthy dose of confidence will help you overcome them.

Bonus Benefit #1: Setting Better Financial Goals

Many people go into business for themselves for the financial benefits. From the pride that comes with making your own way to the ability to save more for a comfortable retirement, the advantages of cleaning franchise ownership are numerous. As a business owner, you get to decide which goals to pursue, how hard the pursuit will be, and how much money you’ll make. With hard work, dedication, planning, and a great vision, there’s no limit to what a franchise owner can accomplish.

Bonus Benefit #2: The Ability to Offer Customers Something New

Giving customers what they need is a primary reason people start new businesses. Although cleaning services aren’t exactly one-of-a-kind, becoming a Corvus Janitorial franchisee will allow you to present those services in unique and innovative ways. Contact us today to learn more about our proven business model.

Bonus Benefit #3: Connecting With Customers

Running a business gives an owner the chance to work closely with clients and become better acquainted with them. Whether you’re building lifelong connections or customizing service recommendations to suit local facility owners, a personalized approach stands out in the automated, impersonal, and one-size-fits-all world of today.

Corvus Janitorial Systems believes in the personal touch, which allows franchisees to build stronger client relationships, increase customer retention, and provide the specialized support that makes it easier to recommend and sell products and services. With personalized customer service, it’s possible for local franchise owners to quickly become trusted, reputable brands.

Bonus Benefit #4: Taking Time Off When Needed

The idea of taking a long weekend off is a great one—and successful franchise ownership makes it possible. While you will be putting long hours in, at least for a while as a new franchisee, you’ll be able to take some time off once the business is established. In an age when most people work from home or in other places outside the office, it’s all too easy to blur the lines between work and personal life. As a Corvus Janitorial Systems franchisee, it’s easy to find the time to relax, rest, and recharge.

Be Your Own Boss With Corvus Janitorial

Corvus Janitorial Systems is a nationally recognized brand that allows entrepreneurs to build successful businesses from scratch. As a franchisee, you’ll have access to our proven startup and growth capital generation system as well as a team of sales specialists who make it easier to find and sign new clients. Request additional information via our online form or call us today to find out just how rewarding cleaning franchise ownership can be.

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