Whether you are the current owner of a cleaning business or are interested in becoming one but do not know where to start, getting advice from experienced professionals is worthwhile. Here are ten pro tips from Corvus Franchise Owners and employees on cleaning, disinfecting, and business ownership:

On Cleaning and Disinfecting

  1. Understanding the distinction between cleaning and disinfecting enables you to provide high-quality cleaning services and better explain to customers the importance of your services. Cleaning removes dirt, dust, and debris from surfaces or objects while disinfecting uses chemicals- aka disinfectants- to kill germs on surfaces and objects. Traditional cleaning methods like using soap and water can decrease how much a virus is on the surface, but you must apply a disinfectant to kill it completely. As well, it is critical to allow sufficient dwell time before wiping the disinfectant off.
  2. Restroom floors should be a significant focal point during every clean. Not only are restroom floors the culprit of bathroom odors, but they are also susceptible to becoming discolored without proper maintenance. In addition to cleaning, be sure to disinfect the bathroom floors to kill bacteria and odor thoroughly. You can use products like antimicrobial urine mats to protect floors from staining and reduce odors and bacteria.
  3. Hard water buildup is tough to remove, so it is best to prevent it from happening in the first place. Be sure to give extra attention to any areas in a facility where hard water is likely to build up over time, such as faucets and toilets. If you encounter hard water buildup, pumice stone and Scotch Brite Heavy Duty scouring pads are popular tools for removing the building.
  4. For a cleaning product to be effective, you have to let it interact with the soiled area and material. Most people dunk their mops into their buckets, run the fibers over the area and call it a day…, but that does not fully take care of sanitizing or killing the odor. Instead, you should adequately dilute the chemical, apply it, and let it sit for the appropriate amount of time. Typically this time is between 3-5 minutes, but it is always a good idea to carefully read the instructions to be sure.
  5. Proper mop hygiene prevents the spread of germs and increases their longevity. Never leave a mop head sitting in water overnight as it weakens the mop fibers and encourages bacterial growth. Wash your mop and bucket after every use and allow it to fully dry. Replace your mop heads when they show signs of wear and tear. These signs include frayed edges, pieces of the mop are falling off, and severe discoloration.


On Business Ownership

  1. Learning from people in your field who have already succeeded is a great way to excel in business. By partnering with a commercial cleaning franchisor like Corvus, you are joining a network of cleaning professionals who share similar goals and aspirations. You will have the opportunity to speak with other Franchise Owners on matters such as strategies for maximizing profit, improving efficiency, acquiring extra one-time work, and creating a work-life balance.
  2. Many cleaning professionals bring a cleaning checklist to their customer accounts. A tangible list allows you to keep track of your cleaning specs and helps you remember tasks that are not a part of your regular cleaning routine (like a one-time electrostatic spray or once a month high dusting). We suggest leaving space on your checklist to document matters such as customer feedback or cleaning hot spots.
  3. Save money by monitoring your chemical usage and maintaining equipment. Keeping track of inventory prevents you from running out of supplies and prepares you for upcoming expenses. Follow proper maintenance procedures of your equipment to increase the longevity of use and provide better service.
  4. When you work hard and take pride in your work, receiving negative feedback can feel discouraging. Rather than letting it bring you down, see it as a learning opportunity. Owning your mistake and doing what you can to make it right shows that you are committed to the quality of your services, ultimately leading to the likelihood of customer loyalty and retention.
  5. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to ensure customer accounts are cleaned correctly and on time. But sometimes “life happens,”… which is why Corvus recommends having a backup cleaning crew who can take your place as needed. It is a good idea for your team to accompany you on several cleans beforehand and assure that all necessary background checks have cleared. That way, your crew understands what the customer expects from their cleaning service and can be ready to fill in at short notice.

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