How Often Should You Clean Your Office’s Carpets?

Posted November 25, 2022

How Often Should You Clean Your Office's Carpets

Immediately upon entering a business, a customer forms an opinion of the company and its offerings. To present the right image, the interior must be orderly. Many people overlook the carpet when considering the cleanliness of the interior but doing so is a mistake.

Every business should have its carpet cleaned regularly. Not only will this help to attract customers, but it will also keep the employees healthy. How often should a business owner clean their office carpets?

The Benefits of Professional Carpet Cleaning

Professional office carpet cleaning, performed by a professional cleaning company like Corvus Janitorial Systems, ensures the business presents the right image to visitors and increases the likelihood of them becoming paying customers. They see the clean carpets as a sign the business pays attention to details and takes pride in what it does.

Dirty carpets negatively affect indoor air quality. They harbor dust, dirt, germs, allergens, and more, which can lead to sick employees. Finally, dirty carpets allow for more noise in the office.

Having the carpets cleaned removes these concerns. Many business owners attempt to clean the carpets on their own but don’t remove all contaminants. Professional carpet cleaners like Corvus bring the tools needed to clean the carpets thoroughly and provide these benefits.

How Often are Professional Carpet Cleanings Needed?

Business owners wish to know how often they should have their carpets professionally cleaned. The answers vary based on many factors. 

Consider the carpet type when determining how often they need cleaning. High-pile carpets and dense carpets need more frequent cleanings because they collect dirt and debris easily.

Small carpets require fewer cleanings. Take this into account when setting up a schedule for professional cleanings. Large carpets trap more contaminants, so they need cleaning multiple times a year. However, small carpets placed in the center of a room need daily cleanings because of the amount of traffic they receive.

Carpets that receive significant amounts of traffic need to be cleaned more often. As employees and visitors move around the office, debris from their shoes makes its way into the carpets. The cleanings remove this debris.

Business owners find they may choose from several carpet cleaning options. The type selected plays a role in how often the carpets need cleaning. A thorough cleaning comes with a higher price tag but won’t need repeating as often as a light cleaning.

Color plays a role in how often carpets need to be cleaned. Lighter-colored carpets show dirt easily, and any dirt present on the carpets can leave visitors with the wrong impression of the business. Consider having these carpets cleaned multiple times each year.

Dark-colored carpets hide dirt and stains better. However, this doesn’t mean a business owner should put off regular carpet cleanings. The fibers may hold odors and give visitors a negative opinion of the business.

People also need to factor in seasonal changes when determining how often to clean their carpets. Rain, snow, and mud all make their way into carpets during rainy or snowy seasons. In addition, the winter months come with salt and sand treatments, and these materials may make their way into carpets where they can do damage.

Dry seasons, in contrast, often come accompanied by dirt and dust. This dust and dirt make their way into carpets, as well. Consider having the carpets cleaned regularly, so these pollutants don’t harm the fibers and appearance of the carpets.

Additional Steps Needed to Keep Carpets Clean

Business owners need to vacuum their carpets weekly to remove any dirt and debris that has become trapped in the fibers. In addition, they need to vacuum the carpets correctly. Many people don’t realize there is a right and wrong way to do so.

Vacuum with the carpet’s grain to avoid premature wear and damage. Begin in the farthest corner of the room and work backward. This ensures no spots are missed, and the vacuum collects all dirt and debris from the fibers. After each cleaning, empty the vacuum canister or check the bag to see if the vacuum needs a new one. 

However, heavily trafficked areas need to be vacuumed more often. In fact, vacuum daily in those areas that receive constant use. This helps to prevent dirt and debris from making their way into the carpet fibers.

Furthermore, spot clean any stains immediately. Don’t allow the stain to sit on the carpet. Doing so makes it harder to remove the spot when a full cleaning is done. However, never assume spot cleaning is enough to keep carpets looking their best. Full carpet cleanings remain essential to keep floors looking their best.

Invest in mats at entryways. The mats reduce the number of pollutants that reach the carpets. This helps to keep the carpets clean while extending their lifespan.

Preventative cleanings are wise. A business owner should never wait until the carpet is filthy before having it cleaned. Consider having heavily trafficked areas cleaned monthly. For areas that receive moderate traffic, quarterly cleanings usually suffice. Areas that receive little traffic only need to be cleaned twice a year.

Why Use a Professional?

Professional carpet cleaners like Corvus bring tools and equipment to each job that the average person doesn’t have access to. For example, they bring commercial stain removers to address set-in stains.

The professional cleaner may use the hot-water extraction method to clean the carpets. Doing so helps to remove the set-in stains. The cleaner injects hot water and detergent into the carpets. They then use a special device to remove the dirt and extract the water.

Dry cleaning serves as another option to clean carpets. The cleaner applies a dry-cleaning agent to the carpets. They follow up by using a tool, such as a brush, to loosen any dirt in the carpet fibers. They then vacuum the loosened dirt up. 

Countless businesses invest in carpets today, thanks to their elegance and aesthetic appeal. In addition, with flooring materials, carpeting is one of the easiest to install. With proper care, carpets will last for years to come.

Regular cleanings serve as one way to care for carpets, so schedule an appointment today with Corvus Janitorial Systems for a professional carpet cleaning. Doing so provides the above mentioned benefits and more for your office.

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