In this month’s Franchise Spotlight Series, we are featuring Corvus of Denver Franchise Owner Shedrice Banks. Read on to learn more about the standout Franchisee who goes above and beyond to Make Lives Better!

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Mr. Shedrice Banks became Corvus of Denver’s very first Franchise Owner when the market opened its doors in 2009. The standout Franchisee and his wife, Mrs. Shaquana Banks, played an integral role in getting the Denver market up and running, and they continue to be treasured members of the Corvus community.

While Mr. Banks boasts many excellent qualities, it is his ambition that elevates him. The first few years following Denver’s opening consisted of many late nights and early mornings, but Mr. Banks always rose to the occasion. He could be depended upon to show up with a positive attitude and ready to work hard. This determination enabled Mr. Banks and Mrs. Banks to turn their commercial cleaning franchise into a full-time, scalable business. In 2010 Mr. Banks left his other job to partner with Corvus full time, and he has not looked back since.

The vast experience and industry knowledge Mr. Banks has derived from working in the commercial cleaning business for over a decade sets him apart. “He knows how to clean efficiently and in the rare occurrence that one of his customers has a complaint, it is fixed immediately. He does not lose business. He communicates well and just does everything right” says Corvus of Denver Regional Director, Mr. Michael Kerby. This is why he regularly refers to Mr. Banks as an exemplary Franchisee when speaking with potential Franchise Owners.

Over the last several years, Mr. Banks has proved to be just as good a friend to Corvus as he is a business partner. He cares deeply about his Corvus Franchise, which in turn, translates into caring about everyone around him. Mr. Banks has fostered both personal and professional relationships with many Corvus employees throughout his partnership. He texts back and forth with Corvus employees about basketball- one of his greatest passions- and never misses the opportunity to wish them a happy birthday.

Thank you, Mr. Shedrice Banks, for all that you do for Corvus! We are so grateful for your partnership and look forward to watching your continued success.

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