Franchisee Spotlight – Olander Belton, Corvus of Greenville-Spartanburg

Posted June 27, 2022
Headshot of Corvus Franchise Owner Olander Belton

June’s Franchisee Spotlight Series features Corvus of Greenville-Spartanburg Franchise Owner Mr. Olander Belton. Read on to learn more about the standout Franchisee who goes above and beyond to Make Lives Better!

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Mr. Olander Belton, Franchisee of Corvus of Greenville-Spartanburg, is truly an outstanding business owner. Starting in January 2019, Soon after starting in January 2019, Mr. Belton has steadily grown into what the local Corvus Team refers to as “a model Franchisee”. He has been determined to make his business flourish!

Not only has his business grown incredibly fast; Olander is hard of hearing but doesn’t let that hold him back from being a fantastic Corvus Partner. However, it’s not just Mr. Belton himself who is hard of hearing – so is his entire crew of five janitorial employees. He’s committed to helping empower others with similar experiences obtain fulfilling jobs.

For Olander, this franchise started out as a side business, but a year ago he was able to move on to managing his business full time. He’s been so successful that he was able to put money into buying two vans solely for work purposes.

All of Mr. Belton’s customers love him. He is noted to be a great communicator and takes care to make sure his customers are happy. Olander is always willing to lend a helping hand when the Corvus Team asks. If another Franchisee is going to miss a clean, Olander is always open to subbing in for them when possible.

There is absolutely no doubt that Mr. Belton Makes Lives Better in his community, for his employees, and for his clients. His commitment to excellence and his powerful story inspires all of us here at Corvus. We are so excited that Mr. Olander Belton is a Corvus Partner, and we are looking forward to his future successes!

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