Corvus Announces 20th Territorial Master Franchise: San Antonio, Texas

Corvus of San Antonio

Corvus Janitorial Systems (Corvus), a national franchisor of office and commercial cleaning businesses, is thrilled to announce the opening of its 20th territorial Master Franchise in San Antonio, Texas. Corvus of San Antonio, LLC. will support local, owner-operated franchises to deliver janitorial services using the nationally recognized Corvus brand and proprietary systems.


Tommy Petagna: Good morning, Tommy Petagna, Regional Director here at Corvus of New Orleans. I’m here with Reed Warren, the future new Regional Director of San Antonio. We’re super excited for Corvus to enter the state of Texas for the first time, and as well for Reed to have this opportunity.
Tell us more about San Antonio and what’s up next.

Reed Warren: Yeah, so, I’m incredibly grateful and thrilled to have this opportunity to open San Antonio market. It’s a growing city, I know there’s an eager Franchisee base down there. And to be with NOLA for the past 8 years and to see the impact that I’ve had, and that we’ve had, on these lives, it really means a lot. And being from San Antonio, I have roots there. I’m excited for me and the family to be moving there and have this opportunity. And I know it’s going to be nothing but great things to come. And I’m just really excited about the new market and partnership with you. And couldn’t express enough thanks.

Tommy Petagna: Well I’m beyond excited and just know that you’re going to replicate the success you’ve had in New Orleans in San Antonio, and, will be a future leader in senior market for Corvus. So, congratulations, and very excited.

Reed Warren: Thank you.

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