Corvus Janitorial Services Celebrates Black History Month

Posted February 1, 2019
Black history month

Corvus Janitorial Services celebrates African-American History month, also referred to as Black History Month, during the month of February. Initiated in 1926 by Mr. Carter Woodson and minister Jesse E. Moorland to acknowledge the tremendous contributions of the African American community to the United States, Black History month has become a permanent staple of the American dialogue and cultural landscape.

Throughout February, every Corvus Janitorial Services regional office will research, profile and exhibit impactful or ground-breaking entrepreneurs from the African American community; those who paved the way in terms of innovation, success and breaking of traditional barriers for subsequent entrepreneurs…of all backgrounds.

When queried, Andy Smith, Regional Director of Corvus of St. Louis, reported his regional office intends to profile three highly successful, yet starkly different African American Entrepreneurs. Notably, his regional support team and area franchisees elected to profile founders of Black Entertainment Television and owners of three national sports teams, Robert and Sheila Johnson (at one point a formidable husband and wife team); Oprah Winfrey; and Ms. C.J. Walker (1867 – 1919) who through her “walker Method” hair product is largely recognized as one of the first African American female entrepreneurs to become a millionaire – those hair care products still being sold through an affiliation with Sephora.

Corvus, its employees, franchisees and entrepreneurs will recognize and celebrate the achievements of past and current African American business owners and leaders who paved the way for entrepreneurialism in our country.

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