Janitorial Franchise Advantages: A Stable Industry with Opportunities

Posted March 19, 2019

Corvus employee and Corvus Franchisee holding an award

Cleaning services industry outlook

Janitors are a mainstay of American business operations, and for good reason. We all know the importance of having a janitor to ensure a sanitary and tolerable workplace. Because of this, the demand for janitorial services continues to be high. In 2018, the revenue of janitorial services in the U.S. reached 61 billion U.S. dollars. Job growth is also expected to rise by 10% in the next ten years. The median hourly wage for janitors and building cleaners was $12.02 in May 2017 and $24,998 per year. The industry has high levels of competition due to the many small cleaning companies in operation. Janitorial franchising in the cleaning industry offers unique advantages and opportunities for franchisees to leap frog these small companies for competitive contracts.


Franchises offer opportunity

In a competitive market, such as the market for cleaning services, association with a recognizable and respected brand can improve contract prospect acquisition drastically. This is where janitorial franchises offer the most advantage, and is what we provide at Corvus with our national footprint. We are a brand with over ten years of experience servicing clients, marketing, and sales. When you buy a franchise from Corvus, you are not only becoming an owner of a janitorial company. You are also gaining a network of experienced colleagues. They will provide you with client prospecting, sales and marketing that cannot be matched by a solo venture into the industry. At Corvus, we like to say that our franchisees are “on their own, but not alone”. Our franchisees know that if they ever need assistance, advice, or have any questions or concerns, Corvus’ leadership will be there in any way that we can.


A word from our Franchisees

“I would say the best thing about my experience owning a Corvus franchise is the flexibility I have to run my business the way I think is best to achieve my personal goals.”
-Annika,Corvus Cincinnati

“I never thought I would be able to own my own business. Now, I am able to spend time with my two sons while still providing them with everything they need!”
-Tamara, Corvus Raleigh-Durham

“I was fed up with working for the man, but there was no way I had the money to start my own business from scratch. Then, I discovered Corvus. I no longer work for the man and I couldn’t be happier.”
-Michael, Corvus Little Rock

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