Commercial vs. Home Disinfectants

Home disinfectants are regular name-brand products that you can find in grocery stores. They’re used to eliminate bacteria and viruses at home, especially on high-touch surfaces, which the CDC is recommending we pay extra attention to right now. Cleaning and disinfecting with home disinfectants is what most people do to keep diseases, like COVID, from spreading through contact with contaminated surfaces.
Regular cleaning and disinfecting are always a good idea. And many common household products, like the disinfecting wipes put out by Clorox or the disinfectant mist produced by Lysol, are registered with the EPA. But even when a home disinfectant is registered with the EPA as an effective product against hard-to-kill viruses, it might not be enough. Commercial disinfectants take the cleaning and sanitizing process one step further.

Commercial Disinfectant Benefits

While many household disinfectants will kill deadly viruses, they still have their limitations. Commercial disinfectants are stronger than home-grade ones, killing a wider range of transferable infections and diseases. And on top of being stronger and more effective, the techniques that trained commercial cleaners use are more effective and efficient, too.
Techniques like cold fogging and electrostatic spraying are significantly more effective ways to disinfect. These commercial-grade products and methods create a 360-degree mist to target every surface and hard-to-reach corner, ensuring that nothing is missed. This type of high-level cleaning and disinfecting is particularly helpful in sensitive and high-traffic settings where keeping things sanitized and safe is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Where Commercial Disinfectants are Used

Among other places, commercial disinfectants are extremely common in:

– Airports
– Hospitals and other medical facilities
– Senior centers
– Schools and daycares
– Office buildings
– Restaurants and food facilities
– Factories and manufacturing facilities

Because these facilities see a lot of traffic, have many high-touch surfaces, and many house vulnerable individuals, a higher level of cleaning and disinfecting is required. Since the first COVID shutdown, we have all learned the importance of maintaining our health and safety. Commercial cleaning and disinfecting services make it easier to do so. By using highly effective, commercial-grade products, equipment, and techniques, we help our clients ensure that their facility, office, or workspace is safe.

When to Use Home Disinfectants

EPA-approved home disinfects are great to use during routine home and office cleaning. Between professional cleaning and disinfecting services and in a pinch, they are an effective way to slow the spread of germs and infections. If you’re cleaning a high-traffic home, an office, or another workplace setting, you should regularly use sprays or wipes to sanitize high-touch surfaces like doorknobs, handles, desks and chairs, light switches, phones and keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks, and countertops. Remember to follow the proper protocols to ensure that you’re getting the most out of your cleaning and disinfecting efforts.
And remember that there is a big difference between EPA-approved home disinfectants and homemade natural cleaning products and disinfectants. Natural products are growing in time with the movement for more eco-friendly solutions, but natural cleaning products that rely on ingredients like vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda are far less effective than household and commercial cleaning products. Health and safety should be the top priority for cleaning and disinfecting procedures, especially during times like these.

Proper Cleaning and Disinfecting Protocols

Following the proper cleaning and disinfecting procedures will both help ensure that they are as effective as possible and that you remain safe while cleaning. Some disinfecting products might be harmful if they’re left on exposed skin for too long; others might only be safe for use in well-ventilated areas. Wear disposable gloves, clean surfaces with soap and water first, then disinfect. Wear clothes that you aren’t concerned about damaging if you’re using products that contain bleach.
Check your home disinfectant bottles for instructions on dwell time, the amount of time a solution has to stay on a surface in order for it to be effective, as well as other important instructions. With some products, simply wiping them with a rag and walking away won’t be enough. Regular cleaning is a good way to help slow the spread of preventable illnesses. But when it comes to getting a deeper cleaning, disinfecting those hard-to-reach surfaces, and finding some peace of mind, commercial disinfectants applied by trained professionals will carry you farther.

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Regular cleaning, washing your hands, wearing your masks, and keeping your distance can help slow the spread of illnesses. But when you need something more, commercial disinfecting services will keep high-touch surfaces and hard-to-clean areas clean and disinfected to reduce the transmission on a higher level. Our service providers are trained to get the job done right and done safely. And you can move forward with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you’ve done your part to keep your facility, employees, patients, loved ones, and community safe and healthy.

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