How Professional Janitorial Services Can Improve Your Company’s Bottom Line

Posted May 26, 2022

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Today’s businesses are on a constant mission to find ways of boosting their efficiency, productivity, and profitability. Several solutions have been developed for those purposes. They include keeping equipment up to date, using the latest tools and techniques, ramping up communication, and creating better marketing campaigns to name a few. 

Each year, companies spend thousands of dollars on all those elements and many others to help keep their employees happy and their customers satisfied. In many cases, figuring out which solutions work best for a specific business takes quite a bit of trial and error. It’s an ongoing process that’s fraught with frustration and wasted time. 

A Simple and Effective Solution

Far too many businesses overlook a simple but effective piece of the puzzle: cleanliness and sanitation. Having a professional janitorial service come in and clean your business on a regular basis can boost your profits in numerous ways. Take a look at some of the major advantages routine professional cleaning and sanitizing may bring to your company.

In Terms of Your Workforce

Not everyone agrees on just what a business’s greatest assets are. Some say products and services are the keys to success whereas others insist that stellar marketing techniques are more important. Either way, a company is only as good as its employees. Because of that, the health and happiness of your workforce are crucial. Having your business professionally cleaned can help your employees in several ways. 

Increased Employee Morale

Studies have long shown that dirt and clutter have a way of causing frustration at work. That, alone, will bring down employee morale. It also makes staff members feel as if their surroundings are closing in on them. Instead of concentrating on their jobs, they focus more on getting away from all the dirt and clutter and the tension they bring with them. 

Having a clean workplace, on the other hand, has the opposite effect. It makes employees feel freer. They have more room to move and more space in which to let their talent and creativity flow. In turn, they’re happier, and they have more self-esteem. 

Those positive changes can improve the way employees work as well as their capacity to work together as a team. A little extra morale goes a long way in the workplace, and having a cleaner working environment can help achieve that improved disposition. Many people don’t realize the extent to which cleanliness and employee morale are intertwined, but they certainly complement each other nicely.

Heightened Mental Well-Being

In addition to mere frustration, an unclean workplace can greatly increase stress and anxiety on the job. It can even raise the risk of employees developing depression and other mental health issues. Some of that comes from excess clutter detracting from the overall work environment. It can also stem from elevated concerns over contaminants and contagions. 

Keeping your business clean and free of germs may reduce the risks of mental health issues for your employees. Having a cleaner work area provides many mental and emotional benefits for employees. 

It may improve their moods, make them feel less stressed, and reduce their anxiety levels among other helpful perks. By simply having your business professionally cleaned from time to time, you could lower your employees’ chances of developing mental health problems, keeping them happier at work and elsewhere. 

Improved Physical Health

It’s difficult to deny the potential physical health benefits of having your business cleaned by professionals. At present, more than 77,000 contagions are lurking in the air we breathe and on the surfaces your employees constantly come in contact with. Many people think that figure mainly applies to public restrooms, but those are only part of the problem. 

Many studies have shown that other areas of businesses can harbor far more germs than public restrooms. These include desktops, phones, door handles, and keyboards. Those areas are notorious for spreading communicable illnesses from one person to another. 

All those germs being passed from person to person can cause numerous problems for your business. Viruses, bacteria, and other microorganisms make your employees sick. As such, they’re likely to miss more time from work. They won’t be as productive while they’re at work if they’re not feeling their best, either. 

Numerous professional cleaning solutions are available to get rid of contagions in the workplace. These include antibacterial and antimicrobial disinfectants as well as electrostatic cleaning techniques to name a few. When germs are kept at bay, your employees are bound to experience improved physical health. 

A Significant Boost in Productivity

All those factors could contribute to your profits from several angles. You’ll see fewer sick days, and employees won’t be as prone to anxiety, depression, and other issues that might detract from their performance. By extension, they’ll be far more productive. They may even aim for a higher level of accomplishment for themselves and your business.

Beyond Your Employees

Employees are certainly a critical component in keeping a company up and running. Of course, there are other pieces of the puzzle as well. While your workforce keeps your company going, those other components do their part to keep your business relevant.

From the Customer’s Perspective

Without customers, your employees would be out of a job, and your business would be nonexistent. These days, customers have certain sets of standards to which they hold the companies they do business with. Though your products and services are important, the public also expects your business to be safe and orderly.

Cleanliness Reflects Professionalism

If visitors see dirt and trash marring the appearance of your company, it’s going to negatively affect your business. People will assume that if you don’t value neatness and cleanliness, you’re equally sloppy with your products and services. That could diminish your reputation. 

Keeping your business neat and clean conveys a certain level of professionalism, and visitors are bound to take notice. When they see a clean, neat space, they’re likely to spend more money. They’ll be more apt to choose your business in the future and recommend you to other people as well.

Keeping Customers Safe

For businesses that serve the public, germs are a significant problem. One thing the pandemic taught us is just how difficult it can be to keep every surface in a business clean and sanitary. It’s virtually impossible for your employees to constantly wipe down surfaces while keeping up with their jobs. 

Janitorial services can cover sanitation concerns for you. As mentioned, they cater to a wide range of cleaning and disinfection needs. They can provide the right cleaning solutions to keep germs at a minimum and help keep your customers safe. As an added bonus, your employees won’t have to put their time and energy into keeping the office clean and sanitary.

Other Important Considerations

While your employees and customers are vital to your business, other factors come into play as well. These certainly include your office equipment, machinery, and furniture. Those elements contribute to your business in their own ways, so keeping them in good shape is essential.

Equipment Maintenance

Office equipment, manufacturing machinery, and other tools are costly for businesses to purchase, repair, and replace. All those items require maintenance to keep them in optimal working order. No doubt, your staff and maintenance team have their own sets of protocols to follow when it comes to routine upkeep. They don’t have to do it all on their own, though.

Having professional cleaning crews come in regularly can go a long way toward maintaining your expensive equipment. Janitorial services understand that some of your equipment is sensitive to certain cleaners and cleaning processes. They offer services to keep your machinery safe without sacrificing cleanliness.

Routine cleaning may help reduce wear and tear on your expensive equipment. That means you may not have to repair or replace it quite as often. Making your equipment last longer will undoubtedly help minimize unnecessary spending and boost your profits.

On top of all that, professional cleaning crews can pay special attention to the furniture and flooring in your office, waiting rooms, and other areas. Whether you’re looking to reduce contagions or simply keep the place tidy, they have services to suit your needs. They can get rid of unsightly stains, eliminate dust and grime, and disinfect your flooring and furniture. All those services will aid in making your business’s furnishings last longer while continually looking their best.

Ramping Up Your Profits with Professional Cleaning Services.

Modern businesses have countless factors to keep up with, not the least of which are increasing employee and customer satisfaction and reducing expenses. Fortunately, professional cleanings can help meet all those needs. The Corvus Janitorial Systems team can help. Keeping a business clean and sanitary improves employees’ mental and physical health while potentially leading to an increase in productivity. It can also help keep customers safe and satisfied.

At the same time, janitorial services can contribute to the upkeep of your equipment and machinery as well as office furnishings and other components of your business. All those factors can help reduce your company’s spending, prevent unnecessary downtime, and bolster sales. If you’re interested in taking a simple but effective step toward improving your company’s bottom line, consider scheduling a professional cleaning session with the Corvus team.

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