Four Tips to Help Keep Childcare Centers Sanitary

Posted December 2, 2022

Four Tips to Sanitize Child Care Centers

One of the issues amplified by the pandemic is that keeping children safe from contagious diseases must always be a priority. However, accomplishing that goal takes work. Anytime larger groups of children gather there’s a meaningful chance of spreading infectious diseases. That’s why initiating a regular cleaning schedule and routine is crucial. Review the four tips for keeping a childcare facility clean for more information.

1. Focus on Sanitizing Surfaces

While constantly cleaning high-touch surfaces isn’t always easy, doing so will go a long way toward minimizing the spread of germs in childcare settings. Infectious diseases spread easily when multiple children share the same spaces all day. Colds, the flu, Covid, and other illnesses can be reduced when proper cleaning precautions are taken. In most cases, even when child care staff members handle routine cleaning during the day, consider using professional childcare cleaning services to deep clean the facility regularly to protect staff members, the children, and the children’s families.

2. Clean All Spills Immediately

Food and drinks stain surfaces quickly when they’re not cleaned promptly. However, those spills also increase the odds of harmful bacteria and mold. Since young children are curious, they may be tempted to taste spills, which will spread germs quickly. Staff members are encouraged to keep cleaning supplies within easy reach so all spills can be dealt with immediately. If a stain doesn’t come out using standard cleaning techniques, professional janitorial experts, such as Corvus Janitorial Systems, can generally resolve the problem during a scheduled visit.

3. Separate Dirty Objects for Cleaning 

During the day, staff members and children are encouraged to place dirty items in receptacles for cleaning. Children should be encouraged to place dirty items in the containers, and staff members should congratulate them for doing so. The central idea is to prevent the spreading of any dirt and contamination. Staff members can clean and sanitize items at the end of the day. 

4. Prepare for Emergencies

Every childcare facility will face cleaning issues. That’s expected when large groups of children are present all day. However, facilities are always encouraged to prepare for emergencies. That may mean keeping personal protective gear for everyone on hand and knowing when suspending operations might be required to keep everyone safe. Deep cleaning is often required when significant issues develop. Those might include an outbreak of a childhood disease, the threat of Covid, or the suspicion another contagious disease is present. Keep the contact information of childcare cleaning professionals, like Corvus, on hand to handle those situations. 

Those four tips are vitally important for all childcare centers, but there are other strategies facility owners and staff members can implement to reduce the likelihood of serious issues developing. Here are a few ways staff members can sanitize the areas throughout the day.

Don’t Spare the Soap and Water

Cleaning toys, dishes, and other commonly used items in a childcare center will always be an ongoing process. Staff members should always have the correct cleaning products to tackle routine cleaning chores. Remember that cleaning products designed to remove dirty floors will be different than those used for washing dishes. A professional cleaning service can perform these duties for you. 

Experts recommend carefully washing any dirty items using the recommended cleaning products. Once an item is thoroughly washed, rinse it completely to remove any remaining contaminants and soap residue.

Always Disinfect Items Used in Childcare Centers 

Although using plenty of soap and water will always be important, that step isn’t enough. Soap and water remove dirt but washing alone will not sanitize items. To minimize the spread of germs, sanitize everything. Discuss a center’s needs with cleaning professionals who are skilled in disinfection services if you’re unsure how to sanitize items used throughout the day.

While a bleach and water solution is recommended for quick cleanups, there are other options available to keep childcare centers clean and sanitary. Use the water and bleach mixture for quick wipe-downs of counters, door handles, and other frequently touched surfaces.

Dishwashers and clothes washers provide the level of cleaning needed to sanitize bedding, dishes, and hard toys in a childcare setting. The detergents and high heat are sufficient to kill most germs. Again, if you’re unsure how to clean specific items, take the time now to discuss the issue and get cleaning recommendations from a commercial cleaning service like Corvus.

Follow Your State and Local Guidelines

States and municipalities generally have regulations for cleaning and disinfecting a childcare center. Those regulations provide guidance when it comes to cleanliness and offer advice on how and when to clean specific areas within a facility.

At the same time, those regulations may not be sufficient to protect caregivers, children, and the children’s families in some situations. Rather than taking any unnecessary risks, discuss your center’s needs with a cleaning or janitorial service. Being proactive pays off when the incidence of diseases is reduced in a childcare environment.

Use Caution When Selecting Cleaning Products

Many cleaning products contain ingredients that could prove harmful to staff members and children alike. Even many products used in hospital settings are dangerous to children, which means staff members must read all labels carefully to ensure a specific product is safe to use around young children. Rather than taking unnecessary chances, stick to bleach and water solutions or use cleaning products recommended by local authorities or childcare center experts.

Stay on Top of Evolving Conditions

Because conditions change all the time, paying close attention to evolving care guidelines is strongly recommended. Covid precipitated a significant number of changes for all types of institutions, and childcare facilities didn’t escape untouched by those changes. Staff members must be provided with training materials as conditions evolve to ensure everyone stays as safe as possible.

Contact a Commercial Cleaning Service for Help

The easiest way to protect children and staff members is to have a commercial cleaning service, such as Corvus Janitorial Systems, schedule regular cleaning services for childcare facilities. The first step is to contact cleaning experts to discuss a facility’s needs and request a quote for the needed services. At Corvus, all it takes is a quick phone call or online request for a quote.

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