Four Reasons It’s Important to Keep Your Data Center Spotless

Posted December 9, 2022

4 Reasons to Keep Your Data Center Clean and Spotless

Modern businesses rely on seamless computer performance to operate. Most servers are used 24/7, which means any downtime will negatively impact a company’s bottom line almost immediately. Dirt is a computer’s enemy, so preventing dirt from accumulating in your data center or server room is crucial. There are several reasons it pays to keep your data center or server room clean, but here are four everyone should consider.

1. Regular Cleaning Reduces Downtime

Downtime is always costly, but the actual costs depend on a variety of factors. The size of a business, the number of employees idled by the downtime, and the type of business factor into the equation. For example, an insurance company will experience different losses than a large online retailer. In any case, the losses add up quickly and can create negative effects on a company’s bottom line. According to Gartner, the average cost of server downtime is $5,600 per minute. Most companies cannot afford those kinds of losses.

Since one major factor related to data center and server downtime is dirt, computer industry experts recommend routine cleaning to ensure a server isn’t adversely affected by a dirty environment. One solution is to contract professional data center cleaning services such as those offered by Corvus Janitorial Systems to ensure the servers that power businesses are always spotless.

2. Routine Cleaning Extends the Life of Equipment

Since servers run constantly, data centers and in-house server rooms must keep the temperature constant. If temperatures rise, equipment overheats quickly. Once that happens, the life of the equipment involved is impacted, as electronic equipment cannot tolerate high heat for extended periods.

The dust and other debris in the air will plug filters, which reduces the flow of cooled air in server environments. While cleaning or replacing filters helps, those filters will clog again if the environment is not kept clean. Routine data center or in-house server room cleaning reduces the need for filter maintenance, cutting overhead expenses and increasing the expected lifespan of equipment.

One final impact of contaminants in the air is corrosion. Electronic components and wiring are subject to corrosion, so mitigating the root causes of corrosion is a crucial concern for servers’ owners.

3. Clean Data Centers Aren’t Welcoming to Rodents 

Rodents love a warm, cozy environment, and they see those characteristics in server rooms. Since rodents can cause significant damage to computer components and pose health hazards to employees, the prevention of infestations is critical.

Appropriate cleaning practices reduce the potential for rodent infestations. Industry experts recommend paying close attention to the underfloor plenum, as that area provides an ideal runway for rodents. Once rodents enter that area, they quickly contaminate the entire space. Cleaning experts always monitor data centers or in-house server rooms for any signs of rodents and act quickly to resolve issues related to their presence.

Remember that rodents love to chew on wires, and that damage will cripple a server. Again, downtime is the enemy here, so taking appropriate steps to eliminate the threat of rodent damage will always be necessary.

4. A Clean Data Center Enhances Workplace Safety

Dusty environments pose significant fire threats. Fires damage or destroy equipment, lead to extensive downtime, and lead to data loss. Of course, there is also a threat to the physical well-being of employees in and around a data center or in-house server room. A clean server environment eliminates those threats.

While the odds of data center or server fires are not high, any cause of downtime must be considered. Remember that even static electricity within the data center can lead to a dust-fueled fire, so cleaning is essential to reduce any potential risk.

Staying On Top of Data Center Safety Issues

Maintaining a regular cleaning schedule is arguably the most important aspect of maintaining a clean and safe data center, but there are other ways to protect a data center and employees. Here are some strategies to consider that work with cleanliness to prevent a disaster.

  • Track any Temperature Variations. The temperatures in a data center must be carefully controlled to keep the equipment safe and reduce the odds of a system failure. Most experts recommend maintaining data center or server room temperatures around 65 degrees, with a maximum of roughly 80 degrees. When temperatures rise above that threshold, the equipment is in danger. One major cause of overheating is, as noted earlier, clogged filters. Keeping the room clean at all times reduces the odds of overheating. In addition, monitoring those temperatures will also allow workers to spot developing issues.
  • Keep All Equipment Clean. Regular cleaning by professionals is crucial, but workers are also encouraged to wipe down equipment between cleanings. That cleaning helps to reduce the amount of dust that can accumulate inside equipment where it’s difficult to remove.
  • Organize All Cords. Disorganized cords pose a safety threat to workers, but loose and disorganized cords also make cleaning the space more difficult. The best course of action is to keep cords as short as possible and organize them so they are out of the way.
  • Always Use the Right Equipment. Choosing the right equipment reduces threats to workers and equipment. At the same time, installing proper racks, cooling devices, power distribution equipment, and monitoring devices will always be crucial for maintaining a safe environment that’s easy to maintain. Proper aisle containment is also crucial for safety and temperature control.

Since every data center or in-house server room is somewhat different, their maintenance needs will vary to some degree. However, the basics of design, safety, and cleanliness will always apply.

Develop an Appropriate Cleaning Strategy Now

While keeping data center cleaning duties in-house may be tempting, contracting a professional cleaning service like Corvus Janitorial Systems to handle those chores generally proves more efficient. Start by contacting a provider to evaluate the current cleaning practices and determine where improvements can reduce the odds of system issues developing due to a contaminated environment.

Once that evaluation is complete, the next step is determining how and when to implement changes that will result in a cleaner, safer data center. Your data center investment is protected when the space is kept clean and free of health hazards. To get started, contact a professional cleaning service like Corvus Janitorial Systems today via our online form or call today.

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