What Areas Should Your Church Have Professionally Cleaned?

Posted June 9, 2022

What Areas Should Your Church Have Professionally Cleaned?

Keeping a house of worship clean can sometimes seem like a full-time job. The larger the church, the bigger the cleaning commitment.

Churches are composed of many distinctive areas that each require a different approach to cleaning. With so many areas, how can you clean your church efficiently and keep it beautiful and free of germs?

Church cleaning responsibilities include daily, weekly, and annual tasks. Keeping up with these tasks is difficult, especially in the absence of organization. Many houses of worship rely on janitorial services for churches for all their cleaning needs.

Churches Should Approach Cleaning Systematically

Cleaning tasks will depend on the size of the church. While small congregations may only require one person to clean, larger ones may need a team of janitors. The following offers a helpful checklist to help churches keep their buildings clean and inviting to members and guests.

Daily Church Cleaning Recommendations

Some churches do not use their buildings daily, so they may only need to clean once a week. For other churches, cleaning daily becomes necessary. Consider the following checklist to accomplish your church cleaning tasks efficiently.

The Lobby and Entrances

The entrances and lobby are the first areas people see when visiting a church. Keeping these sections clean is essential for a good first impression. Take care of the following each day.

1. Sweep all exterior entrances and pathways.
2. Vacuum or sweep the interior floors as necessary.
3. Dust all surfaces within the lobby.

The Sanctuary

The sanctuary is where everyone gathers to worship together. This area of the church requires special attention to keep it beautiful. The following daily checklist will keep you organized.

1. Clean the pews and polish them, depending on the materials.
2. Vacuum the floors carefully.
3. Clean and polish the altars and railings.

The Kitchen and Fellowship Hall

The kitchen and fellowship hall allow church members to gather over delicious meals and informal meetings. Because members prepare and eat food in these areas, special care is essential for removing germs.

1. Wash any dirty dishes, and put them away.
2. Sweep and mop the floors.
3. Clear the trash cans.
4. Wipe down all surfaces with the appropriate antibacterial cleaner for the material.

The Pastor’s Office and Other Administrative Rooms

A pastor’s office needs to remain clean at all times. Pastors often hold meetings with members, visitors, and even fellow pastors in their offices. These offices should offer a clean and inviting appearance. Take care of these daily cleaning tasks.

1. Clean and sanitize all touch points, including telephones, keyboards, drawer handles, and light switches.
2. Sweep and mop the floors as necessary.
3. Empty all trash cans and clean up any clutter.

The Nurseries and Classrooms

These areas of the church are integral to its function. Nurseries and child classrooms are especially in need of daily cleaning. Some churches operate daycares out of their facilities, making cleaning and sanitizing even more critical.

1. Change all crib bedding.
2. Clean and disinfect all surfaces.
3. Sweep and vacuum the floors.
4. Empty any trash cans.
5. Straighten any clutter.

The Bathrooms

Everyone knows bathrooms are full of germs. Keeping them clean can become challenging but not impossible. If you follow this checklist daily, the bathrooms in your church will stay sparkling and free of germs.

1. Empty the trash cans.
2. Clean and sanitize the toilets, sinks, counters, mirrors, light switches, and all other touch point areas.
3. Sweep and mop the floors. Use antibacterial cleaners.
4. Refill the soap, towel, and toilet paper dispensers.

Weekly Church Cleaning Recommendations

As you move into weekly cleaning tasks, you will find these go deeper into cleaning than the daily checklists. Many churches set up a specific day to carry out these tasks, often on Fridays or Saturdays, before the Sunday services.

The Lobby and Entrances

1. Clean all entrance floor mats and ensure they are in sound condition. Check for any safety hazards.
2. Polish the doors and clean the glass.
3. Vacuum the floors.
4. Call professionals to handle the cleaning of any stained-glass windows or antiques.

The Sanctuary

1. Vacuum the floors.
2. Dust and polish all wood surfaces.
3. Wipe down and straighten the choir areas.
4. Clean and polish each pew, and straighten the tithe envelopes, hymnals, and Bibles.
5. Dust and vacuum all the upholstered furnishings.
6. Clean and polish the windows.
7. Spot clean the walls and baseboards.

The Kitchen and Fellowship Hall

1. Wipe down and sanitize all the counters and backsplashes.
2. Clean and sanitize the sinks.
3. Straighten the cabinets and ensure there are no signs of insects, mold, or rodents.

The Pastor’s Office and Other Administrative Rooms

1. Dust, polish and vacuum all the furnishings in the rooms.
2. Clean and polish the windows.
3. Straighten the desks, filing cabinets, and counters.
4. Clean any electronic equipment.

The Nurseries and Classrooms

1. Clean and sanitize all sinks, toilets, and countertops.
2. Sweep, vacuum, and mop the floors.
3. Scrub the walls and baseboards.
4. Polish the light fixtures, doorknobs, and mirrors.

The Bathrooms

1. Scrub the walls and baseboards.
2. Polish the door hinges, doorknobs, stall walls, faucets, and mirrors.

Monthly Church Cleaning Recommendations

Some cleaning tasks must be handled monthly and provide an even deeper cleaning to a church. These tasks include deep cleaning under furniture and pews and scrubbing the grout in the kitchens and bathrooms, among others.

Make a Cleaning List and Schedule

Getting everyone involved in keeping the church clean will help prevent any one person from feeling overly burdened. There are many tasks involved in keeping churches clean. Having a cleaning list and keeping a schedule are wise.

Hire Professional Church Cleaners

There are many important duties pastors and church administrators need to accomplish. Although cleaning is essential, these tasks rarely receive the full attention necessary.

Because pastors and church members stay busy ministering, they often make the wise decision to hire professionals. Hiring a professional church cleaning service ensures janitors handle all the above tasks and more.

With Corvus Janitorial Systems’ professional religious facility cleaning services, you will never have to worry about whether your church is clean. Professional janitors will ensure your church is clean, free of germs, and inviting to members and guests alike. Contact Us today to receive the church cleaning services your house of worship requires.

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