The High-Level Disinfecting Method Trusted by Airlines and Hotels

Posted July 7, 2020
disinfecting with electrostatic sprayer

By now, we all know how important it is to give extra attention to high-touch surfaces and high-traffic areas. And that’s not just in your home and or your office space. Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International, the world’s busiest passenger airport, sees 107.4 million passengers each year. To keep up with the high demand, there are over 700,000 hotels and resorts across the globe. Settings like airports and hotels that see near-constant traffic can be hard to keep effectively clean and disinfected, but it’s not impossible if you know how to do it right.

These are a few settings where it’s incredibly important to keep everything clean and disinfected. High-traffic locations can easily spread germs and viruses to millions of people if they’re not properly maintained. Even if the coronavirus changed the way we do it, it’s clear from recent data that we’re not done traveling. So, what are the recommended cleaning and disinfecting procedures for places that see the highest amounts of traffic and have the most high-touch surfaces? The answer might be one you’re not very familiar with yet. Luckily, Corvus Janitorial is.

Disinfecting with Electrostatic Sprayers

Some of the largest airlines in the world are relying on high-level electrostatic sprayers to sanitize every flight and ensure their passengers’ safety. Delta is one of them, reporting that electrostatic spraying “provides a safe and effective way to thoroughly clean an aircraft cabin from floor to ceiling.” Next time you take a flight, you can find comfort in the fact that all high-touch surfaces, including your seat, screen, armrest, tray table, door, and restroom will be disinfected this way. They’ll be used in crew cabins, airline offices, and other settings there, too.

How Electrostatic Sprayers Work

The sprayers work by electrically charging and dispersing high-level liquid disinfectants via fine mists into the air and onto surfaces. This is a highly effective technique used to attack germs, bacteria, and viruses. For years, electrostatic spraying has been used in healthcare settings. Hospitals, nursing homes, and other care facilities have long recognized the benefits of employing this method to stop the spread of dangerous germs and infections. But since the coronavirus outbreak, airlines and hotels have broken into the space, too.

An Emerging Trend

Delta’s not the only one that has caught on to this germ-killing super method. Southwest Airlines is also making use of this highly effective method of disinfection, along with United Airlines, and Singapore Air. One of the largest lodging companies in the country, Marriot, has recently upgraded its cleaning procedures to include electrostatic spraying. Another large hotel chain, Hilton, is considering following suit. As we progress further into the year and travel becomes more widely acceptable again (and eagerly anticipated), it’s highly likely that we’ll see this list continue to grow.

Cleaning and Disinfecting for the Future

These high-traffic airlines and hotels are making use of one of the most powerful disinfecting methods we currently have available. And they’re using it in conjunction with other important cleaning and disinfecting methods. We can expect to see more options for virtual, contact-free check-ins, digital room keys, booking buffers, and limited shared spaces (where possible) going forward. The pandemic has changed a lot of things about the ways we all live. While many of the impacts are negative, increased comprehensive cleaning and disinfecting through methods like electrostatic spraying is a huge positive.

This potent disinfectant application is allowing airlines and hotels to take control back from the coronavirus. You can use it to take back control in your office, too. We can’t put our lives on hold forever. But as we begin to return to “normal life,” we might have to make some adjustments. From summer vacations to daily office life, small adjustments can get us back to where we need to be. Corvus Janitorial is offering electrostatic spray services for high-level disinfecting that gives you peace of mind when you need it. Use it to keep your office safe and to reduce the spread of both the coronavirus and other viruses, too.

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