Starting a Cleaning Business: Residential vs Commercial Services

Posted April 17, 2023

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When it comes to the world of cleaning, there are two major types of professional services: commercial and residential. Though both can be profitable, there are several benefits to owning and operating a commercial cleaning business.

High Demand for Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services cover a number of different industries from schools and colleges to medical facilities, offices, and warehouses. Having this range of opportunities means you’ll never run out of potential clients. Commercial janitorial services will always be in demand, even during a world-wide pandemic! During the last few years, the need for professional cleaning and disinfection grew, rather than shrank, showing that commercial cleaning needs are not going away any time soon. This means stability and profitability to a commercial cleaning business owner and their employees.

Commercial cleaning, when it really comes down to it, is a necessity. Residential cleaning is often seen as a luxury. If things change within the economy – when we see things like the high inflation rates happening today – luxury items are usually the first thing to be cut. People will clean their own homes or task their children with that chore. Commercial facilities usually must hire outside businesses to clean, and when they do, our Franchisees are the ones ready and waiting to provide that service.

Commercial Cleaning: Selective Clientele and Scheduling Flexibility

Servicing a wide range of industries also means that you can be a little more selective when choosing your clients. If you don’t like working in schools or medical facilities, no one is going to make you clean them. You get to decide what accounts you take on and which ones you leave for others. As a franchise owner, you are the boss and can make those decisions for yourself and for your employees. Having such a variety of potential customers is an advantage of the commercial cleaning industry.

Another benefit of a commercial cleaning business is that, typically, cleaning is done during the evening or night, allowing for more scheduling flexibility. Franchise owners can hold a day job and run a successful money-making janitorial business during the evenings. You can decide when and where you are working, meaning this job is more agreeable to some people over a 9-5 gig.

When working in someone’s home, the client can be much more demanding and pickier, watching your every move. You are, after all, in their personal space. When working commercially, cleaning crews are usually scheduled at night when the workspace is empty.

Though a great cleaning job is expected by commercial clients, being in a working environment rather than a personal one can mean there isn’t an emotional attachment to the space and provides the cleaner with more wiggle-room in the way the space is cleaned. This arrangement can be very beneficial for families when someone needs to be home during the day to care for children or other family members. A commercial janitorial company can be a great way to maintain a two-income residence without having to spend money on day care or in-home health care.

Starting a Cleaning Business: Lower Financial Risk and Brand Recognition through Franchising

Opening a commercial cleaning franchise is also a smart financial investment. With relatively low start-up costs and financing options available through Franchisors, like Corvus Janitorial Systems, a person can start their own business and start making money with relatively low capital. Owning a business doesn’t necessarily mean having to start from scratch. Buying a franchise allows ambitious individuals to benefit from the success of an established brand. It’s often an easier, less intimidating solution than the traditional route, especially when becoming part of a company that offers high-demand solutions like janitorial services.

A Commercial Cleaning Franchise Gives You Additional Training & Skills Development

Purchasing a franchise can be more affordable than building a cleaning business from the ground up. You also get to take advantage of the marketing and administrative services included with franchise ownership. Don’t know how to run an email campaign or generate invoices? Let Corvus Janitorial do that for you, and you can focus on providing a good clean. Franchisees have a higher average success rate than standalone businesses. Franchises also come with lower risks than independent businesses. FranNet ran a study that found that 92% of franchises were still operating after 2 years and 85% were still going after five years. Conversely, a quarter of independent businesses fail within their first year and 50% were closed within 5 years.

Cleaning does not require a ton of training, but working with a commercial janitorial company means that you not only get name recognition with an already established, reputable brand, but you also get additional training from the professionals to add to your quiver of skills. Learning how to do floor stripping and waxing makes you a more skilled and valued service provider. Deepening your cleaning knowledge can also lead to more one-time work, which is a good money maker that does not require you to commit to long-term projects.

Commercial Cleaning Franchising: Specialization and Keeping Up with Trends

As a commercial cleaner you can be as specialized or as general service as you’d like. Being a good, quick cleaner is the most important part. The commercial cleaning industry is constantly changing, which means that there are always new trends to watch out for. This growth is due to the fact that businesses are realizing the importance of keeping their premises clean and orderly. By staying up on the latest trends and innovations in cleaning, you only put yourself at an advantage.

There are plenty of similarities between residential and commercial cleaning, but in the end, they are some stark differences between the industries. Commercial businesses tend to have more leeway and flexibility for those wishing to start their own franchise. If you’re an entrepreneur ready to embrace everything that janitorial franchises have to offer, don’t hesitate to reach out.

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