Spring Cleaning 2023: Tips and Checklists

Posted March 20, 2023

Spring Cleaning Tips 2023

Spring is in the air, and while most of us are familiar with the concept of spring cleaning in our homes, the practice is just as, if not more, important in office spaces, schools, daycares, and other commercial facilities. Spring cleaning in 2023 presents some unique challenges; many businesses that have been working from home or hybrid-working for three-plus years are returning to the office in full-force. But don’t fret! Corvus is here to help your business kick-start its spring-cleaning regimen with our updated Spring 2023 Cleaning Tips and Checklist!

The Importance of Commercial Spring Cleaning in 2023

Commercial spaces are arguably germier and require more frequent cleaning and disinfecting than our living rooms. So, why is commercial spring cleaning talked about and prepared for so much less? Surely, it’s just as important, if not more so.

There are plenty of reasons to add spring cleaning to your office or school’s to-do list, and some of them might surprise you. Sure, it’s no surprise that cleaning improves the air quality in your commercial space. This improvement will likely freshen up the space, making you, your employees, students, customers, patients, and other visitors feel better.

But did you know that spring cleaning is also shown to increase productivity? It’s no gimmick, they’ve done studies. Getting rid of things that you no longer need and reorganizing the things you do need makes it easier to find what you’re looking for, naturally enhancing productivity.

Dusting things off and cleaning up shared spaces not only improves air quality and reduces the spread of germs, but also helps improve efficiency. With fewer items cluttering up your space, there will be fewer distractions and less time spent searching.

Other Benefits of Commercial Spring Cleaning

We all know that a freshened-up space looks better and feels better. It improves the air quality, increases productivity and efficiency, and provides an opportunity to declutter after a season of things staying mostly the same.

Here are a few additional benefits to consider:

Spring cleaning removes allergens from the air when they’re at their worst; left to linger, these allergens can trigger asthma and other breathing problems.
• On top of boosting productivity, spring cleaning can make you happier; studies show that clean rooms and spaces elevate your endorphins, those feel-good chemicals we could all use some more of these days.
• Spring cleaning reduces stress; who can focus long enough to be productive in a space that looks and feels like it’s crawling with germs and allergens?
• Spring cleaning increases concentration.

Spring Cleaning Tips 2023: Where to Begin

Spring cleaning at the office and spring cleaning at home might be similar in some ways, but there are also plenty of differences. Knowing what to do in one space won’t necessarily translate into knowing what to do in the other.

If you’re not sure where to start, we have some suggestions:

• Dust, vacuum, or wipe down any blinds, curtains, or other window covers
• Clean the windows from the inside and outside
• Dust the corners of the ceiling, tops of doors, and light fixtures
• Clean and sanitize all high-touch surfaces (doorknobs, faucets, equipment, handles, desks, conference room tables, shelves, phones, etc.)
• Deep-clean any carpets or floor mats
• Sweep and mop hardwood floors
• Rearrange filing cabinets, desks, and other large pieces of furniture so that any hiding dust bunnies can be scooped up or wiped away
• Vacuum the baseboards
• Inspect areas where the paint looks chipped or cracked to determine if it needs to be touched up
• Deep-clean the upholstery of your chairs, couches, desk chairs, and other sitting areas

Spring Cleaning Checklist: Bathrooms

Now that you’ve cleaned, swept, aired out, and sanitized all of the primary spaces, it’s time to move into everyone’s least favorite room to clean: bathrooms. Here are some suggestions:

• Scrub the grout between the tiles
• Clean surfaces with soap and water
• Use products containing bleach to sanitize all surfaces and the inside of toilet bowls
• Wash the floor, giving special attention to the areas around the toilets and urinals
• Wash and dry trashcans
• Refill toiletries, including soap, paper towels, and toilet paper
• Post hand-washing protocols signs by the sinks to ensure that everyone knows the best practices
• Search for and eliminate any signs of spreading mold or mildew

Spring Cleaning Tip: Don’t Forget the Exterior – Power Washing and Spring Pollen Build Up

One of the (few) drawbacks of spring is the arrival of pollen season. Pollen season, which generally lasts from mid-March into early September, can throw a wrench into cleaning plans. Because the pollen season lasts into the fall, one deep clean of exterior windows is not going to cut it. If you wait all season for pollen to build up, it can be a tricky task to remove. At Corvus, we recommend working in exterior cleaning and/or power washing into your monthly cleaning regimen. Addressing pollen build up consistently throughout pollen season will make your end-of-season deep clean much less painful.

Getting Started with Spring Cleaning in 2023

As you can tell from our handy commercial cleaning checklists, commercial spring cleaning calls for greater organization and an in-depth cleaning process. Whether you’re cleaning alone or with help, you should send out a notice to any employees so that they know what to expect, especially if the cleaning is taking place during regular business hours.

In your office, school, or other commercial setting, enlisting the help of a team for a spring cleaning day can provide you with a whole host of benefits. But keeping your commercial space clean and disinfected doesn’t start and end with spring cleaning.

What Comes Next

Keeping spaces tidy, reducing the spread of germs, and maximizing efficiency and productivity in your workspace is an ongoing effort. And it’s one that we can help with. Corvus Janitorial offers a wide and flexible range of cleaning and disinfecting services for your commercial space.

Whether that space is an office, daycareschool, medical office, or warehouse, our teams have it covered. We offer after-hours cleaning in the evenings and on weekends to give you and everyone who visits your building true peace-of-mind.

Spring Cleaning with Corvus Janitorial

Cleaning and disinfecting have never been more important than they are now. Each Corvus Janitorial team works hard to create a healthier, safer environment for the many different clients that have enlisted our help across the country.

Some of our most sought-after services include:

• Cleaning and disinfecting
• Sanitization and trash removal
• High and low dusting
• Electrostatic spraying (the most effective method of disinfection as both a preventative and reactive measure)
• Floor and carpet care
• Outdoor/exterior and restroom maintenance

From reducing the spread of contagions to boosting happiness and productivity, there are plenty of benefits to commercial spring cleaning. This spring, give your team, students, customers, patients, or other visitors the gift of a positive and clean environment. You’ll be glad you did. Contact us today for more information or to set up an appointment.

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