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Posted March 24, 2023

Corvus Franchisee with ProTeam Backpack Vacuum

Everyone is familiar with standard upright vacuums. They can be clunky and hard to maneuver around a normal living room. Now, imagine using one of these in a large commercial space with lots of offices, furniture, and staircases. When you buy a vacuum, you want it to be the best vacuum for your cleaning needs – you need a backpack vacuum.

The creation of the ProTeam Backpack Vacuum in 1987 has drastically changed the function and performance of the vacuum machine. Popular opinion maintains that if you are working as a professional cleaner, a backpack vacuum is the ONLY way to go. The benefits of using a backpack vacuum are numerous and include a low cost of ownership and maintenance, an efficient and ergonomic design, and the health benefits provided by an advanced HEPA filtration system.

ProTeam Backpack Vacuum Benefits

Although most people learn to vacuum using a front to back motion, the Proteam Backpack Vacuum allows for a side to side motion while working. This may seem like a small thing, but using this method increases efficiency. According to a study done at Battelle Memorial Institute, using this movement cuts the time required to clean a room by 50%. This helps save time and money. Imagine reducing your work time at each location by half; this is a game changer when it comes to productivity and cost savings!

The average cost of a ProTeam Backpack Vacuum is $600, with a range of prices that vary based on the kit and accessories available to purchase with the machine itself. Customizations include telescoping wands for warehouses featuring high windows and fans or multi-surface attachments for different floor types throughout a large commercial space.

Different models of the machines offer tank capacity from six to ten quarts, and for those working in populated or day time environments, there is the QuietPro unit which offers a two-speed power and decibel control switch which lowers sound levels from 60 decibels to 51 decibels. This helps you or your employees be less intrusive to clients when cleaning during business hours. Having access to many different accessories and attachments, whether they’re bought in a package or individually, provides an advantage to anyone looking to buy a ProTeam Backpack Vacuum. When you buy the machine from a company like Corvus Janitorial to support your Franchise, there are often special discounts and offers available.

Maintaining Your ProTeam Backpack Vacuum

Regular maintenance of a ProTeam Backpack Vacuum is super easy and is one of the best ways to care for this expensive, but essential, piece of equipment. While the BackPack Vacuum is less expensive to maintain than an upright model, it is still necessary to follow all maintenance procedures and schedules. Using the calendar app on your phone is a great way to schedule reminders to yourself of important maintenance dates.

There are several things to monitor when it comes to using and maintaining your ProTeam Backpack Vacuum. The filtration system is vital to the performance of the vacuum, so checking the filters before and after every use is recommended. After two hours of consecutive use, the filters should be looked over. The dome filter should be removed and rinsed weekly and the HEPA filters should be checked every two weeks or so. The HEPA filters will need to be replaced occasionally, either after six months of use, or as soon as they become discolored. Wash the Micro Cloth filter once a month, but never put it in the dryer. Following this routine will help extend the life and performance of your backpack vacuum. As an added bonus, ProTeam offers a three year warranty on motor, labor and parts with a limited lifetime warranty on molded body parts.

HEPA Filters Improve Air Quality

The HEPA filtration system utilized in many of the ProTeam vacuums is another selling point for this system. ProTeam is a health partner of the American Lung Association, helping spread awareness of the importance of indoor air quality. HEPA filtration systems typically filter out microscopic particles, which is important for the improvement of indoor air quality and the people working in those environments. Poor indoor air is a contributing factor to suffering for those with asthma and allergies. While normal vacuums just stir up this mess, HEPA filters remove particles like smoke, pollen, dust and dander. This can improve conditions caused by indoor allergens like coughing, sneezing and even headaches. When you are using a ProTeam backpack vacuum, your clients will be able to not only see the difference, they will be able to feel and smell the improvement in air quality.

Backpack Vacuums Improve Efficiency and Safety

ProTeam BackPack Vacuums are highly efficient, allowing you to clean two-and-a-half times more floor space than a standard vacuum. The ergonomic design of these vacuums makes cleaning so much quicker and easier on the body. These backpacks are lightweight, weighing in between 8 and 13 pounds. When they are adjusted correctly, the bulk is evenly distributed, making it feel much lighter. Carrying this piece of equipment is much easier than lugging around a traditional upright model. Having the machine on your back leads to a more comfortable work day, resulting in less time spent bent over with the possibility of a strained back or tired arms. Walking through doors and down hallways is a breeze.

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), slips, trips and falls account for 25% of injury claims each year, and also make up 17% of disabling occupational injuries. This leads not only to lost productivity and recovery time, but can result in expensive doctor or hospital visits and rehab as well as increased insurance costs. No one has the time or the money to be out of work due to an injury – not you nor your employees. Offering high-quality equipment like a ProTeam Backpack Vacuum can provide stability and safety to you and your staff.

Using a cordless backpack vacuum helps to avoid tripping hazards and lost work days or possible workman’s compensation claims. Having a clear and safe work space is important to keeping those injuries and near misses at bay. For those working in multi-level properties, going up and down stairs is easier and safer than when using a canister or typical upright unit. There is less chance of tripping over the cord, and a cordless unit makes things much faster when moving from room to room.

Get Your ProTeam Backpack Vacuum from Corvus

There are so many advantages that come with owning a ProTeam Backpack vacuum, not only for janitorial crews but for their clients as well. If you are interested in purchasing a Proteam BackPack Vacuum contact your local Corvus office for pricing details and learn why this product is a good investment for your business!

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