How to Keep Your Company’s Floors in Top-Notch Condition

Posted June 2, 2022

How to Keep Your Company’s Floors in Top-Notch Condition

When business clients or customers enter a building, they expect to see a well-kept space that’s clean and organized. The appearance of the building will impact visitors’ impressions of a business and will likely play a role in their decision to patronize an organization or move on to a competitor’s business. The condition of the building’s floors certainly influences their decision. So, how can a company keep its floors looking attractive and clean?

Choose the Right Floor Coverings

The first step in creating an attractive, lasting look is selecting the appropriate materials for the space. High-traffic areas require flooring materials designed to stand up to the wear and tear countless people walking through create. Areas expected to experience less traffic don’t need floor coverings that are quite as hardy, but all commercial spaces should use flooring products designed for commercial rather than residential spaces.

Flooring materials must also match the type of business. For example, using any type of carpeting in a veterinarian’s reception area would not be wise. Hard flooring that’s easily cleaned after pet accidents would always be a better option. Match the floor covering to the overall design of the business, but always make buying decisions based on the expected use of the space. 

Indoor Air Quality is a Major Consideration

Today’s buildings are tightly sealed to reduce spending for heating and cooling. If steps to introduce a steady supply of fresh air are not taken, the health and safety of workers and building visitors are threatened. Even when HVAC systems are designed to introduce fresh air, inappropriate or dirty flooring materials negatively impact the building’s indoor air quality.

Health experts recommend cleaning flooring materials frequently to reduce the odds of unhealthy substances circulating through the building as people move around. In most cases, that means working closely with a janitorial service like Corvus to keep flooring materials looking great while, at the same time, improving indoor air quality.

Focus on Creating a Healthy Environment

Over the past couple of years, businesses everywhere learned that keeping a business clean and healthy for workers and clients isn’t easy. Since the onset of COVID-19, disinfecting services have jumped to the top of companies’ must-have services. At Corvus, we understand how important cleanliness is to protect everyone who enters a building. We work with every client to determine which commercial floor cleaning strategies to employ during cleaning services, including taking care of your organization’s floors.

Reduce the Potential for Accidents

Using appropriate flooring products is a crucial first step in reducing the potential for slip and fall accidents, but proper cleaning practices after installing new flooring are also important for accident reduction. The cleaning products and processes used for various types of floor coverings reduce the odds of accidents occurring. 

In addition, using the best cleaning products and processes also keeps flooring materials in top-notch condition for longer. That means building owners won’t have to replace the floor coverings as frequently. Corvus professionals are trained to use appropriate cleaning products during their visits to ensure every client’s building looks good for longer.

Discover Why Vacuum Cleaners are Important

The majority of building and business owners don’t consider the importance of using the right vacuum cleaner. In many instances, buying decisions are made based on price or brand name recognition rather than quality. However, industry experts always recommend purchasing quality vacuum cleaners rather than inexpensive models.

At Corvus, we understand the importance of using quality vacuum cleaners when cleaning our clients’ buildings. We use equipment that’s designed for commercial use, as lesser machines won’t stand up to the rigors of commercial cleaning or protect your building’s indoor air quality.

Dirt moves through carpets as people walk on them. That dirt causes friction that, in turn, wears the carpet’s fibers. When inadequate vacuum cleaners are used, much of that dirt remains in the carpet, which means the fibers will wear faster. Of course, that increased wear also means the carpets will look dingy and require replacing sooner.

Indoor air quality also suffers when using many traditional vacuum cleaners. Far too much dust is circulated throughout the building when lower-quality vacuum cleaners are used, as those old-fashioned bags let quite a bit of dust escape. That’s why HEPA filtration vacuum cleaners are now a must in all settings, but especially in commercial buildings where countless people move through those buildings every day. Maintaining a building correctly reduces the amount of dirt and other contaminants in your building’s carpets.

Taking Care of Spots in Carpets Promptly Keeps Buildings Looking Better

Stains are virtually impossible to avoid, and stained carpets always create a negative impression on visitors to a building and employees. Cleaning experts universally encourage building owners to deal with stains promptly to keep your company’s floors looking clean and new for as long as possible. 

At Corvus, our cleaning professionals expertly remove stains using spot cleaning methods matched to the type of carpet in our clients’ buildings. One-size-fits-all approaches to spot removal often do more damage than good and fail to keep the carpeting looking its best. 

Routine Carpet Cleaning Reduces Wear and Protects Occupants

When cleaned on a regular schedule, carpets look nicer for far longer. Wear due to embedded dirt is reduced, colors remain vibrant, and traffic patterns are not as evident. Hot water extraction methods work the best for many types of carpeting, but dry cleaning strategies may be more effective for some buildings. Corvus cleaning experts review the available options and recommend services based on the building occupant’s needs. 

The importance of sanitizing floors cannot be stressed enough given the impact of COVID-19 on businesses over the past couple of years. The virus is transmitted in several ways, which means business owners need to take every precaution possible to minimize the potential for transmission. As new variants appear, the importance of keeping a building clean only increases, as those new variants may be transmitted differently.

Of course, clean carpets always look nicer, and odd odors commonly found in dirty carpets won’t be an issue when they’re clean. Customers notice when buildings they enter are clean and tend to stay longer and spend more when they feel comfortable in the store or office.

Hard Floor Surfaces Also Require Proper Cleaning

While hard flooring may not show stains and wear patterns in the same way carpets do, those surfaces still require proper maintenance to look like new for longer. Tile, wood, and other hard surface floor coverings all require routine care to retain their like-new appearance and last as long as possible. 

Tile floors with grout require regular cleaning and treatments to look their best. Grout must be cleaned and resealed as needed to retain its color and resist wear. As with carpeted surfaces, our experts evaluate the type of hard flooring and recommend the best options for keeping the surface looking good for as long as possible.

Maintaining wood flooring requires a little more finessing than tile, so our experts recommend taking extra steps to keep hardwood flooring looking new. First, sweeping the floors with an appropriate broom or dry mop is always crucial. Business owners are encouraged to make sure hardwood floors are kept clean throughout the day, especially at times when more dirt is likely to be tracked in. 

Keeping those wood floors looking great also means mopping them with a microfiber mop rather than sponge or yarn mops. The advantage of microfiber mops is that they clean the wood using less water than either sponge or yarn mops. Using less water protects the wood’s finish and reduces the chances of warping.

Mopping isn’t Simple

Mopping hard surface floors isn’t as easy as it may sound. Cleaning experts know that using the best cleaners and mops reduces the amount of water needed to thoroughly clean the floor surface. We also take steps to reduce the potential for displays, trim, and furnishings to be damaged by water when we clean hard surface floors. If you’re unsure what cleaning methods are best for your business, we’ll take the time to explain why we recommend specific cleaning strategies for each type of flooring.

Trust the Experts

Corvus Janitorial Systems’ cleaning professionals never cut corners when cleaning our client’s properties. Floor coverings represent a significant investment and must be protected to ensure the flooring materials last as long as possible and retain that special, like-new look building visitors expect. 

When Corvus’s experts clean clients’ properties, they tailor the cleaning strategies used to match the materials in the building. That means you can expect them to do what’s necessary to keep your company’s floors in top-notch condition for as long as possible. Doing so means your investment is protected and your business won’t be interrupted to replace the flooring materials sooner than absolutely needed. 

If you’re unsure what types of services are needed to keep your building’s floors looking great for longer, take the time now to contact us. We’re happy to explain our services and how they will keep your property looking its best.

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