Franchisee Spotlight – Oscar Patterson, Corvus of St. Louis

Posted May 28, 2021
Corvus Franchise Owner, Oscar Patterson, smiling on revenue day

May’s Franchisee Spotlight goes to Corvus of St. Louis Franchise Owner, Mr. Oscar Patterson. Read on to learn more about the standout Franchisee who goes above and beyond to Make Lives Better!

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Meet Mr. Oscar Patterson, Corvus Franchise Owner extraordinaire! Since opening the doors to his Franchise in 2012, Mr. Patterson has continuously proven himself as a valuable partner to the St. Louis market and Corvus Community.

Mr. Patterson is a good cleaner, no doubt, but his charismatic personality is what sets him apart. As any person reading this can tell from the picture below, his smile alone can make anyone’s day! “His ability to charm the clients he services is a massive strength,” says Corvus of St. Louis Operations Manager, Mr. Louis Kline. From meeting new customers at an initial walkthrough to rectifying concerns with existing accounts, Mr. Patterson has a special way of making his customers feel valued.

Franchise Owner smiling

Ever heard the expression “when life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Mr. Patterson approaches his business with a hustler’s mentality, and his actions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic proved just that. His Corvus Franchise took a major hit after losing one of its largest accounts due to business shutdowns. But Mr. Patterson demonstrated resilience, and through the hard times, he persevered. The standout Franchisee supplemented lost income by taking on an incredible amount of one-time, electrostatic spraying jobs for various customer accounts throughout the St. Louis area. And as it turns out, he is now earning more than he was before.

Mr. Patterson stands out as a fantastic father as much as he does as a business owner. When he is not busy running a successful franchise, you will likely find him spending time with his children. The great pride Mr. Patterson has for his kids shows what an engaged, supportive, and loving dad he is.

On behalf of everyone at Corvus, thank you, Mr. Patterson, for all that you do! We are all so grateful for your partnership and look forward to watching your continued success.

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