Carpet Cleaning 101: Hot Water Extraction vs. Dry Chemical Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

In addition to frequent vacuuming and spot cleaning, having your carpets professionally cleaned at least twice a year is integral to their maintenance and preservation. In this blog, Corvus Janitorial Systems goes over some benefits of routine carpet cleaning and reviews two of the most popular carpet cleaning methods recommended by commercial cleaning professionals: hot water extraction and dry chemical cleaning.

The Benefits of Routine Carpet Cleaning

Good carpet hygiene, quite literally, goes beyond the surface level. Here are just five good reasons to invest in high-quality carpet cleaning for your facility:

1. Microbiologist and immunologist at New York University Langone Medical Center and author of The Secret Life of Germs Philip Tierno Jr., Ph.D. found that a typical carpet contains nearly 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making it 4,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat.
2. The lifespan of a carpet is typically between 5-15 years, and routine carpet cleaning prolongs the life of a carpet significantly.
3. A fresh and clean carpet works wonders to enhance the overall appearance of your home or facility.
4. Carpet soiling can make it seem like vacuuming isn’t enough to maintain a carpet’s appearance. However, routine carpet cleaning using the methods described below will make it so that vacuuming is enough to remove most dry soils.
5. Carpets are breeding grounds for allergens, bacteria, and other germs. Regular, deep cleaning protects air quality and prevents exposure to dangerous pollutants.

Hot Water Extraction: What it is & How it Works

Hot water extraction involves injecting hot water and cleaning detergent into the carpet through a high-pressured wand. The combination of hot water and high water pressure breaks down and extracts dirt and other debris from carpeting quickly. This simple and effective approach makes hot water extraction the preferred carpet cleaning method across the commercial cleaning industry. Not only does it leave a carpet looking cleaner, but the hot water is also effective in killing bacteria and other germs.

The hot water extraction process consists of a few relatively simple steps. First, water and the chosen cleaning product are mixed and poured into the water tank. Once the mixture heats up, the liquid is released onto the surface under pressure, penetrating the carpet’s fiber and removing dirt and debris.

Dry Chemical Cleaning: What it is & How it Works

Dry chemical cleaning, also known as a “low moisture” system, relies on dry compounds accompanied with chemical cleaning solutions to remove dirt and debris from a carpet. These low moisture methods of carpet cleaning yield a quick drying time, especially compared to the hot water extraction method described above.

Typically, a cleaner applies pre-treatment detergents that break up carpet fibers to the carpet beforehand. Once the pre-treatment dwells for the right amount of time (generally between 5-10 minutes), a dry compound carpet cleaning powder is used. The cleaning compound is then lathered into the carpet using a rotary machine like the one pictured below. Lastly, the soiled cleaning compound is removed by vacuuming.

What is the Best Method for Your Facility?

Each facility comes with its own set of unique cleaning needs, and carpet care is no exception. If removing germs, allergens, mold, mildew, bacteria, and other irritants is your top priority, hot water extraction will likely be the best option. However, the several hours it takes for the carpet to dry afterward might make it less than ideal for businesses experiencing heavy foot traffic. In this case, dry chemical cleaning would be an excellent option. Both hot water extraction and dry chemical cleaning effectively attain clean, aesthetically pleasing carpets, so consider factors like time and cost to determine which technique best suits your facility.

Carpet Cleaning with Corvus Janitorial Systems

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