A Cleaning Franchise: Is It a Good Idea?

Posted July 7, 2022

Starting a Cleaning Franchise

While some people become entrepreneurs by inventing products or creating services, that’s not always necessary. Starting a janitorial franchise allows business owners to set their own hours and gain a good work-life balance.

At Corvus Janitorial Systems, we offer franchisees a turnkey business model and advanced training that gives them the tools and skills to grow their own businesses. They bring plenty to the table, though—passion, dedication, and commitment, to name a few qualities. Here, we’ll discuss a few benefits of commercial cleaning franchise ownership.

Improving Clients’ Quality of Life

Over the past several years, businesses all over the country have adjusted their daily operations in response to the pandemic. Many companies implemented social distancing and work-from-home protocols, among others.

Schools, businesses, and factories are now looking for commercial cleaning services as they reopen and navigate ‘the new normal’. Sanitary facilities are essential to the health and safety of employees, visitors, and customers, and cleaning services are considered essential. Contact us to learn more about our janitorial franchise opportunities.

A Proven Business Model

Most people know that, when they buy a franchise, part of the investment goes toward fees. Franchise fees grant buyers the right to use the brand’s business model and name, and they partially offset the costs of training and ongoing support.

Building a janitorial business from the ground up takes sacrifice and hard work, but we’ve done all that for you. Don’t spend years learning by trial and error—purchase a Corvus franchise and start off on a firm footing.

Brand Recognition

Another major benefit of franchise ownership is working under a recognized brand name. While it often takes years for cleaning services to build a loyal clientele, Corvus franchisees start out with these benefits. In return for the franchise fee, you’ll gain access to a brand that’s been in the commercial cleaning business for almost 20 years. Why spend time and money building a reputation when we’ve done it for you?

Greater Control

Many become disillusioned with the corporate world because they can’t control their own destiny. We’ve all been there, working jobs that we’ve committed years of our lives to, only to never receive any appreciation for work well done. That’s the unfortunate reality for some, but it doesn’t have to be.

At Corvus Janitorial Systems, we give aspiring entrepreneurs the ability to step away from the corporate rat race and work toward the future they want. Opening a cleaning franchise means that you are in charge. You’ll make important decisions, lead a team, and shape your own destiny. Contact us today to learn more.

A Low Initial Investment

All franchises come with royalties and fees, but there’s no need to overpay. Corvus offers multiple franchising options with competitive startup costs, along with well-crafted business strategies. It doesn’t take much money or equipment to get started, so get in touch with us today.

Compared to some of the area’s other businesses, our cleaning franchises are a time- and cost-efficient option that allows an owner to allocate their resources effectively. When you’re ready to make the commitment, contact us and we’ll provide the information needed to make an informed decision.

Ongoing Support

Business ownership is often portrayed as a path to independence, but it also means working with almost no support. Upon becoming a Corvus Janitorial Systems franchisee, you’ll have access to a team of partners who can provide expert guidance and answer important questions. When business owners work with us, they’re never alone! We’re invested in all our franchisees, and we love nothing more than watching them grow and thrive.

Training That Builds a Solid Foundation

Starting in the commercial cleaning industry can be tough, especially for those with little experience. Corvus provides every franchisee with advanced training that leaves them prepared to run a successful janitorial franchise. From choosing team members and keeping the books to finding the right clients, we will show you how to build a successful business from the ground up. We’re pledged to your success!

Bulk Buying Opportunities

Along with the other benefits of franchise ownership, you’ll also get access to bulk discounts on equipment, tools, cleaning products, and supplies. Don’t pay full price for the stuff you need to do the job—work with us and we’ll help you take advantage of long-term savings.

Direct Benefits

Those who are emotionally and financially invested in their businesses are more likely to succeed. Instead of sitting and watching others make money, you’ll be the one benefiting. And, by investing in our proven system, you’ll invest in a service that’s already in demand.

If you’re running another business and have exceeded the expected margin, a janitorial franchise makes an excellent secondary revenue stream.

A Nearly Constant Demand

Regardless of a commercial building’s size, it will always need cleaning and general upkeep. There’s always work to be done in hospitals, schools, warehouses, gyms, and coworking spaces, and the market is expanding every day. According to information from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for commercial janitorial services is expected to increase by over 10% within the next four years. If you’re looking for a business opportunity that meets a need within the community, consider a Corvus Janitorial Systems franchise.

Getting Through Economic Downturns

An investment in one of our franchises comes with numerous benefits. We offer a relatively low-cost business opportunity, simply because there are no site requirements. While some franchises require new owners to rent storefronts that meet strict guidelines, and then achieve certain sales goals, we do things differently.

Corvus Janitorial Systems is a service-oriented franchise, which means we meet an existing demand. Our business model is recession-resistant because the importance of health, cleanliness, and sanitation will never diminish. And, because jobs are done on site, there’s no overhead associated with storefront rent and management.

Building a Loyal Customer Base

Though one-off cleaning services are a common choice among building owners who want to vet a cleaner before committing to a long-term contract, repeat customers will likely be your primary revenue source. Buildings get dirty quickly, even when they’re well maintained, and owners will always need help taking care of things. By building a loyal customer base and earning their trust, you’ll be in it for the long haul.

Balancing Work and Home Life

A primary reason for the popularity of commercial cleaning franchises like ours is that they allow owners to strike a balance between their work and home lives. The average person spends roughly one-quarter of their life working, which is a lot of time spent away from the people and things that matter most.

Because they don’t have to clock in and out, our franchisees get the chance to enjoy a calmer, steadier lifestyle. When you open a business with Corvus, it’s a significant time commitment—but we offer the flexibility owners need to set their own priorities.

A Secure Financial Future

Owning a business, whether it’s cleaning-focused or in another sector, means that short-term successes have an immediate effect. The long-term advantages, however, may be better. Entrepreneurship requires an investment in the local community, and you’ll get just that with a Corvus franchise.

You’ll get assistance and guidance from one of the area’s most recognized janitorial brands, but the business, reputation, and success will all be yours. With hard work, focus, and dedication, your cleaning business can be turned into a retirement plan or an asset to be passed down to future generations.

What Our Franchise Opportunity is All About

At Corvus Janitorial Systems, our clients trust us to make their commercial facilities healthier, cleaner, and safer. Our team is committed to providing quality services customers can count on. As a local cleaning franchisee, you’ll get all the product training and support needed to get started. With continued support from us, you’ll meet clients’ needs and achieve results that improve their—and your—bottom line.

Our commercial cleaning franchise is one of the top business opportunities available to aspiring business owners, and we’ve developed a local reputation for our commitment to customer satisfaction and our attention to detail. If you’re considering entrepreneurship as a path to personal fulfillment and financial freedom, we hope you’ll think of us first. All that’s needed is a focus on cleanliness, an aptitude for learning, and a healthy dose of ambition.

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With numerous reasons to become a cleaning franchise owner, you will likely wonder why you didn’t start sooner. Find the opportunity you’ve been searching for at Corvus Janitorial Systems. Request additional information via our online form, chat with us, or call to find out more about the benefits of Corvus franchise ownership.

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