4 Habits That Will Make You a Successful Corvus Janitorial Franchisee

Posted May 24, 2022

4 Habits That Will Make You a Successful Corvus Janitorial Franchisee

More than 1.7 million people currently work in the commercial cleaning industry, which is forecast to grow 6% annually due to increased demand. Employers understand a clean, healthy work environment is good for employees’ mental and physical health. There has also been an increased emphasis on professional cleaning methods capable of destroying viruses that cause diseases like the flu or Covid-19.

The growing need for cleaning professionals makes this an ideal time to start a janitorial franchise. While the industry provides an excellent opportunity to begin and grow a profitable business, it is essential that franchisees develop essential habits common to all successful business owners.

1. Bring Passion to Your Work

Mark Twain once said, “Find a job you enjoy doing, and you will never have to work a day in your life.” If you like the idea of doing the work involved in owning a janitorial franchise, you are far more likely to succeed. 

Love the Job and Thrive

Per U.S. News and World Report, doing what you love is energizing, which creates a positive circle that feeds on itself. Work gives you energy, so you have more energy to put into your business. There’s no need to dig deep to find energy each day, and you don’t leave work tired and mentally drained.

Keep a Positive Attitude

Any business will have ups and downs even when you like what you do. Successful entrepreneurs ride out tough times with a positive mental attitude. They view challenges as opportunities and are always ready to roll up their sleeves and begin a new task.

Clean Like It’s Your Home

It’s essential to be personally invested in every job you take. No matter what type of space you are working on, approach it as if you are cleaning your home.

Set and Track Goals

Choose a franchise opportunity with a positive goal in mind and then continually set and alter goals as required. Goal setting ensures your business goes in your intended direction and allows you to track progress. It’s crucial to continually review plans to meet the changing needs of clients and the market.

2. Hire and Retain the Best Employees 

A company’s staff is one of its most valuable assets. Employees impact customer relationships and determine your level of success.

Hire the Best and Provide Ongoing Training

Strike a balance between competency and company culture. Take the time and effort to hire people who best fit the franchise. Avoid hiring a competent worker who doesn’t mesh with your franchise’s values and philosophy.

Create a Positive Work Culture 

Employees who like going to work perform better, according to workforce publication Slack. Creating a positive culture is vital and doable. 

For example, avoid playing favorites and don’t micromanage. Treat everyone with respect. Check in regularly with workers. Ensure an open information flow, keeping in mind that it’s better to communicate too much than too little. Encourage collaboration and respect among employees.

Consider working with employees to create the schedule and keep them in the loop regarding promotions and other changes. Encourage staff members to tell you what is working and what is not. Try to make their jobs more interesting by rotating workers from routine tasks to more challenging projects.

Reward Achievement

Because employees are critical to your success, it’s critical that you find ways to make them want to do their best. Ensure workers are well-trained for their roles and have opportunities to learn more. Give bonuses and incentives for top performance and provide perks like allowing the staff to use company equipment in their homes.

3. Keep Up with the Industry

Per Entrepreneur, successful business owners continue to learn and ensure workers have a chance to increase their knowledge.

Advancing technology impacts the equipment you need. It affects safety issues surrounding chemicals used in cleaning. There are always plenty of opportunities to learn new management and organizational skills. Arranging for employee training classes tells workers they matter and ensures they have the skills they need as the industry changes. 

Take the time to read industry publications and attend meetings and conventions. Join and get involved in trade organizations and ask suppliers to keep you updated.

4. Provide High-Quality Customer Service

Successful franchise owners know how to keep customers happy. That means offering the best service, nurturing relationships, and listening to clients’ opinions.

Use Green Products

While cleaning properly is crucial, it’s also vital to ensure it’s done using safe cleaning products and processes. Studies show that 46% of customers prefer cleaning companies that offer environmentally friendly products. A green initiative appeals to consumers’ increasingly eco-conscious awareness and helps ensure your employees stay healthy while working.

Build Customer Relationships

According to research, after just one negative experience, more than half (61%) of customers say they would move to a competitor, with this number rising to 76% in the case of multiple negative experiences. Successful business owners strive to retain current customers and do what it takes to keep them happy. Finding new clients is far more expensive than saving them, and existing customers spend more on your services.

Keep customers happy by providing exceptional service. It’s great to finish on time but ensure that workers never rush to the point they get careless. Customers typically understand that accidents happen, but it’s best not to depend on that. The cost of lost goodwill on top of paying for damages can get prohibitive.

Implement a Customer Feedback Program

Customer feedback is vital to keep a franchise growing. Feedback will help you guide the business in decision-making. It will influence changes in products and services 

Successful franchisees get feedback from sources such as their website, emails, and surveys. You need feedback to provide necessary insights that let you know where or how to improve. It’s an essential part of good customer service, which leaves a positive impression and encourages clients to return.

It’s crucial to respond to customer comments. Responding to every comment builds a strong customer relationship and clients know you care about their experiences with your business. Quick responses to reviews also help your business reputation and boost SEO.

Starting a Corvus Janitorial Systems franchise provides an excellent framework to implement these four habits for success. If you are ready to start a successful janitorial franchise, contact us today.

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