10 Suggestions for Using Commercial Cleaning Services to Take the Stress Out of Your Warehouses and Office Maintenance

Posted June 16, 2022

Commercial Cleaning Services for Warehouses

Businesses depend on their office spaces, warehouses, and other departments. Those are the areas where employees carry out a vast range of daily duties to help keep companies up and running. In many cases, those areas also play critical roles in clients’ and prospects’ perceptions of the companies they’re doing business with.

While no two offices or warehouse spaces are quite the same, they’re all equally important. Because of that, keeping them in optimal shape is vital to a company’s success. Keeping those areas as clean and neat as possible is a crucial part of the process. That’s not always easy, but professional janitorial services can help simplify the matter.

Fostering Maintenance with Commercial Cleaning Services

Commercial cleaning services can provide numerous benefits for businesses. Most people fail to realize just how helpful professional cleaning can be as part of their overall maintenance efforts. Take a look at the following considerations for adding commercial cleaning to your maintenance repertoire to create a more stress-free working environment.

1. Maintain a Professional Appearance

Keeping up a professional appearance is essential. That’s particularly true for businesses that routinely have clients and other visitors on site. People want to know that the companies they do business with are as professional and capable as possible. In many instances, the impressions they get from the look and feel of your offices, waiting areas, and warehouse are the ones that stick.

If your company is cluttered and riddled with dirt and dust, visitors aren’t going to be very impressed. In the event your restrooms are filthy and smelly, people may not be inclined to keep doing business with you. Should potential clients or investors notice your warehouse is dirty and disorganized, they may decide to look elsewhere for products, services, or financial opportunities.

All those issues could certainly hamper your reputation and bottom line. Cleanliness and organization have the opposite effect. A neat, spotless office space or warehouse will have the desired impact on visitors and prospects. It’ll portray professionalism and help convince others your company is worthy of their attention. Commercial cleaning services can aid you in keeping up that professional appearance so you can make the right impression.

2. Use Cleanliness to Boost Performance

Employee performance has a considerable impact on your company. Dirty, cluttered workspaces can significantly reduce workers’ speed, efficiency, and concentration among other important elements. Grime and chaos can negatively affect customer support, product and service development, manufacturing, and other areas. It can even interfere with your machinery. In turn, you’re likely to notice a decline in sales and customer satisfaction.

On the other hand, cleanliness can promote higher levels of performance. Many people believe cleanliness and employee performance are irrelevant to one another, but numerous studies have shown that’s not the case. The two actually go hand in hand.

Enhanced performance and customer satisfaction are among the long-term goals of businesses’ maintenance routines. As such, their importance in those regards are substantial. Using cleanliness to boost performance can benefit your bottom line in many ways.

3. Clean to Promote Safety

Safety is also an overall goal of business maintenance plans. Allowing certain safety hazards to slip through the cracks could lead to numerous problems for your employees and visitors. In turn, it’ll have a negative impact on your company.

According to a recent write-up from the National Safety Council, expenses stemming from work-related injuries amounted to losses of more than $163 billion for companies during the last year for which information is available. That includes time missed from work, medical treatments, and other related costs.

Many people feel that the risks of injuries are low in offices and warehouses. That’s certainly true when compared to some other job sites. Still, quite a few hidden dangers could be lurking around your facility. Dirt, slick spots, and misplaced rugs on floors can make for plenty of slip and trip hazards. Oil leaks and other spills from machinery and equipment cause ample injuries in warehouses. Even random pieces of trash and debris on the floors can cause problems.

Cleaning crews can be immensely helpful in reducing those risks. They eliminate spills, trash, and other safety hazards, so you won’t have to worry about them causing problems. Since cleaning teams come in regularly, they’ll keep a constant watch over your facility and continually carry out their danger-reduction efforts.

4. Sanitize for the Sake of Health

On top of work-related injuries, the dangers of germs can’t be overlooked. These days, keeping contagions at bay is crucial. An ever-growing list of germ-related regulations applies to companies in many industries as well. If employees or visitors contract bacterial infections, viruses, and other illnesses because your company’s sanitization standards aren’t up to par, you could be held responsible.

While COVID-19 may be at the forefront of people’s minds right now, that’s only one of many concerns. Numerous strains of influenza and the common cold are constantly circulating. Bacteria that are known to cause strep and staph infections and other illnesses are present in abundance. Parasites are often found in workplaces as well.

All those microorganisms can lead to serious illnesses. They’re known to thrive on many surfaces, such as doorknobs, keyboards, refrigerator and microwave door handles, and elevator buttons. Restrooms harbor contagions as well. Commercial cleaning crews offer a range of disinfection options to rid your workspace of pathogens. That contributes greatly to maintaining a safe workplace.

5. Keep Clean to Reduce Expenses

No matter what type of business you operate, you most likely have a great deal of expensive equipment and machinery on hand. Keeping it in top-notch shape is a major concern. No matter how well you take care of that equipment, though, it’s bound to accumulate dust and other types of buildup over time.

All that buildup can detract from your equipment’s functionality. It can also bring about increased maintenance and repair expenses. If not handled properly, layers of buildup may reduce the lifespan of your machinery, too.

When you hire a professional cleaning crew, you won’t have to worry about problematic buildup. Commercial cleaners can dust your computers and other office equipment. They’ll clean the surfaces of your warehouse machinery and remove dirt and debris from the tracks of your automated racking system. Those are only a few of the services they offer.

As mentioned, commercial cleaning crews can also remove stains from your flooring, furniture, and other furnishings. They’ll help take care of the fixtures in your facility as well. They offer specialized services to protect sensitive equipment, too.

All those services can aid in your maintenance efforts and help reduce repair and replacement expenses. Though your in-house maintenance team will need to handle the more technical aspects of machine and equipment upkeep, professional cleaning crews can certainly shoulder part of the burden.

6. Take Advantage of Customized Cleaning Solutions

As we touched upon earlier, commercial cleaning crews offer a variety of services and solutions for their clients. Your needs may not be the same as other businesses in your area or even others in your industry. Whether you’re looking for twice-weekly surface cleaning, routine disinfection, or deep cleaning for your entire office and warehouse, plans are available to cover your needs. Taking advantage of customized commercial cleaning can help maximize the benefits of these services while minimizing the costs.

7. Request the Right Cleaning Products for Your Company

In addition to customized cleaning plans, janitorial services have a range of cleaning products for customers to choose from. You can request that special types of cleaning agents be used around sensitive equipment. Disinfectants are available for general use as well as for food production machinery and other areas with specific needs.

You may even be able to ask for natural cleaning products to be used as opposed to chemicals. Let your professional cleaning company know what your concerns are beforehand. That way, they can come armed with cleaning products and equipment that meld with your expectations.

8. Cover All the Necessary Bases

Certain areas of your business may need more attention than others. At the same time, different areas will require different approaches to cleaning and sanitation. Some portions of your company may even be off-limits to outside personnel due to safety or security protocols. Be sure to cover all those points with your commercial cleaning crew before they get started.

9. Have Employees Do Their Part

Between visits from a commercial cleaning crew, consider encouraging employees to do their part to keep your facility neat and clean. Have them keep their personal workspaces orderly. That way, cleaning crews won’t inadvertently throw away items that should’ve been kept or leave behind things that needed to be gotten rid of.

Ask employees to clean up after themselves in the break room and other areas of your business. Implore them to put trash in its proper places. Although the professional cleaning crew will handle the deep cleaning and disinfection, employees should take care of small cleaning and organization issues on their own along the way.

10. Ask for Extra Help

Keeping up with all the potential maintenance needs of your business is all but impossible. Seemingly minor issues could easily be overlooked. If so, they may grow into major problems before they’re caught and taken care of. Don’t hesitate to ask your commercial cleaning crew to help with those matters. Have them make a list of problems they find while they’re cleaning, such as:

Damaged Windows

Broken Overhead Lights

Cracked Floor and Ceiling Tiles

Leaking Bathroom Fixtures

Damaged Light Switches and Electrical Outlets

Water Damage

Frayed Cords on Office Equipment and Warehouse Machinery

Ripped Carpets and Rugs

Loose Handrails

Professional cleaning crews could easily spot problems other people in your company might not notice. They can then pass along those issues to you. From there, you can contact the appropriate professionals to make the necessary repairs. That, alone, could save you a great deal of money and grief in the long run.

Make Commercial Cleaning Part of Your Maintenance Routine

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