5 Signs You’re Ready to Purchase a Commercial Cleaning Franchise

Posted October 1, 2021
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You’ve been dreaming about purchasing a commercial cleaning franchise, and you think it might be time. What could be better than setting your own hours, being your own boss, and (most importantly) doing what you’re passionate about? These thoughts compel you. But just before you make the move, doubt creeps in, and you pause.

Are you really ready?

Taking the plunge into entrepreneurship is a big one, so it’s understandable to be nervous and even second-guess yourself.
If you’ve been thinking about owning your own commercial cleaning franchise, but you aren’t quite sure you’re ready to take the big first step, check out these 5 indicators. Cast the doubt aside and take a look. You may already be there!

1. You’re Excited

Yes, you have your doubts and healthy quotient of worry. Purchasing a franchise isn’t something anyone should spontaneously jump into. Doubts can be crippling, but if your excitement shines through the fog of fear and anxiety, it’s a sign you may be ready.

The doubt that comes creeping into your brain proves you’re thinking clearly and weighing the pros and cons. You aren’t about to jump into something feet first, which is a good sign. That means you’re excited, but you’re also thinking about the situation logically.

On the flip side, your excitement reveals your passion for the venture. This passion is what will fuel your future success. You’re likely ready when you have a healthy balance of both.

2. You’ve Done Your Homework

There’s a lot to owning a commercial cleaning franchise. Not only do you need to understand the cleaning industry, but you also need to research various franchising companies in your area. Once you’ve explored your options, reviewed the Franchise Disclosure Agreement, and feel good about it, don’t overthink it! You’re ready.

3. You’re Financially Equipped

Your financial status is one of the biggest (and most obvious) factors in your overall readiness to purchase a commercial cleaning franchise.

Purchasing a commercial cleaning franchise is a big investment. It involves putting a lump sum of money down initially and getting it back over time, and then some.

If your finances and credit are in good shape and you can make the initial investment comfortably, then it may be time to move forward.

4. You Understand the Risks Involved

Any business, franchise or not, comes with an element of risk. It’s the potential rewards that make it all worth it. A 2019 study by the Journal of Economics & Management Strategy shows that franchises boast an 8% higher two-year success rate than independent businesses, making them a safer alternative, though still not risk-free.

If you’ve done your research, fully understand the risks, and feel prepared to take them on, that’s another sign you may be ready to purchase your own commercial cleaning franchise.

5. You Have Support

Even if you’re the only one who signs the dotted line, your family and friends become a part of this journey as they offer their advice, love, and support. Even if they aren’t part of the financial decision-making process, they’re the ones who will be your sounding board and the ones who will celebrate your success with you.

If your loved ones support you, you’re more ready than you knew. With the support of those who love you most, there’s not much you can’t do.

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