How Using Social Media Can Increase Your Janitorial Contracts


The key to expanding a janitorial business is getting new contracts, which requires advertising. While it is essential to use traditional marketing strategies, social media is one of the most influential and critical places to promote a commercial cleaning company. Social media also provides one of the most impressive returns on investment. Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram draw millions of followers, and it’s possible to harness that exposure to grow your cleaning business. The key is identifying your target audience, using platforms correctly, and posting regularly.

Why Social Media Marketing Is Essential

Social media is a powerful communication tool and marketing strategy that allows businesses to reach customers where they are. Companies can also characterize their brands and expand their customer base.

With that in mind, using social media in the janitorial field is critical to increasing contracts. When used correctly, social media can improve the efficacy of other marketing efforts. Commercial cleaning companies are better able to drive traffic, build natural links, promote brand recognition, and create goodwill.

Target Your Ideal Customers

Targeting the right people is the foundation of successful cleaning business marketing. To do that, you first need to research and learn about your ideal customers. Where do they hang out, what are their problems, what questions do they have, and what kind of things do they wish they had in their life?

When you know these things about your ideal customers, creating content that will engage them is more manageable. It will also help you understand where to promote the company on social media.

Choose Social Media Channels

A simple way to begin is to work with the channels you like best. There are a lot of social media platforms, and each has its strengths. Because time and effort are involved in maintaining posts, it’s best to choose one or two platforms and focus on them. 

Using LinkedIn

Per Forbes, LinkedIn is the ideal place to reach the business world. Business professionals commonly connect to the platform to network and investigate leads.

Because LinkedIn is full of professionals and offers excellent search features, it is easy for you to connect with your target audience. Once you have identified your ideal customer, you can use the search feature to locate potential commercial cleaning clients. For example, you might look for facilities managers in your area.

You can use site filters to narrow down characteristics, such as individuals who manage businesses of specific sizes. Once you connect with those you have selected, they will begin to see your posts.

Using Facebook Ads

When you use Facebook ads, targeting the right people with content that solves their problems and helps them reach their goals is crucial.

You can reach your target market using a combination of Facebook pixels and lookalike audiences. A lookalike audience is one way that ads reach new people who are likely to be interested in your business since they share similar characteristics to existing customers. 

Be sure to add your Facebook pixel to your website. A Facebook pixel is a piece of code you can place on your website. It collects data so you can track conversions from Facebook ads and optimize the ads. A pixel also makes it easier to build targeted audiences for future ads and remarket to those who have taken some type of action on your website.

Using Instagram

Because Instagram is a video and photo-sharing platform, its audience responds well to visual content. As a result, one of the best ways to market your commercial cleaning business on Instagram is to post before-and-after photos. 

People enjoy viewing transformative images. When you show photos that highlight your cleaning skills, you demonstrate the quality of your services. Also, use hashtags common to the cleaning niche, such as #cleaningservice, #cleaningtips, and #cleaningservices.

Using YouTube

When posting to YouTube, it’s essential to include the same value-based content used in blogging. It’s a powerful platform ideal for showcasing commercial cleaning excellence. 

For instance, a time-lapse video can provide a clear example of past results. Like before-and-after images, videos showcase the value of your work. Cleaning Business Today experts recommend using high-quality photos of previous jobs or happy customers. Also, add exciting captions that catch the audience’s attention.

YouTube videos can get thousands of views that generate tremendous business. If you reach a point where the channel can be monetized, it will also provide additional income.

Using Twitter

Twitter can be used to drive traffic to your company site, but it needs to be done correctly. The key is to share value-based content, just as you would on other platforms.

Building up a following on Twitter can be a slow process, but it’s a platform that allows every follower to see everything you post. If you consistently lead with value first, your cleaning business will eventually get noticed, and a targeted audience will begin to develop.

Create a Social Media Personality

Because there’s so much competition on social media, it’s vital to stand out. The key is to create unique content that readily identifies your company.

For example, use eye-catching, colorful graphics. List helpful cleaning hints or add stunning local photos. Give your posts a personality, and don’t forget local hashtags because they make it more likely you will get in front of the audience you want. 

Post on Sites Regularly

It’s necessary to make regular posts on social media sites, but you don’t want to add so much content it begins to feel like spam. A middle ground is the best approach. 

Posting once a day is safe for most sites, and you can add several Twitter posts daily. The goal is to constantly interact with followers and keep content fresh. Since you are dealing with social platforms, it’s OK to add non-business content, such as images of company events, light-hearted comments on holidays, or simply wishes for a good weekend.

Link to Local Events

Adding links to community events is a great way to gain followers and attract local attention. When possible, draw attention to other businesses, too. For example, congratulating another company on success or a milestone builds goodwill and business relationships.

Please note that current franchisees should check with their local offices to ensure they are in compliance with guidelines when using the Corvus logo on social media.

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