Corvus Endorses H.R. 7079, the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act

Support H.R. 7079, the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act

As our country and communities continue to face the coronavirus head-on, it has never been more important that offices, schools, restaurants, food production facilities, and other businesses are thoroughly and effectively cleaned and disinfected. The reopening of the American economy and the return to workplaces by employees and patrons brings with it new health and safety concerns for employers. Ensuring the cleanliness and safety of workers, families, and society at large is a top priority as we continue to reopen.

In order for the economy to continue opening up, it is critical that businesses have sufficient resources to invest in creating and maintaining a healthy and safe environment for their workers and customers. This will entail businesses significantly improving upon their cleaning and disinfection practices in order to slow the transmission of COVID-19 and to create peace of mind in workers and customers alike.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC), the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and industry groups have all issued guidance that calls for increased frequency and scope of cleaning and disinfecting applications. The “new normal” for commercial cleaning standards will increase costs to businesses at a time of unprecedented revenue declines and uncertainty.

Federal legislation is needed to address the rising costs to businesses associated with enhanced cleaning and disinfection programs. It is for this reason that Corvus would like to thank Representatives Darin LaHood and Stephanie Murphy for introducing H.R. 7079, the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act.

The bill, introduced in the House of Representatives in June, would create a $25,000 temporary tax credit per location (capped at $250,000 per business entity) for a business’ qualified cleaning expenses. H.R. 7079 allows business taxpayers a tax credit for 50% of their qualified cleaning expenses, such as amounts paid for cleaning services and products, tools, machinery, personal protective equipment (PPE), and other sanitary equipment, as well as training and certification in cleaning.

The Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act is a bipartisan bill that ensures businesses will be able to adequately protect employees and patrons and allow them to continue serving their communities. This commonsense legislation is critical in helping our nation’s businesses safeguard the health and safety of workers and customers and preventing further outbreaks of the novel coronavirus.

Corvus strongly urges members of the House, the Senate, and the White House to pass additional bipartisan stimulus that includes H.R. 7079, the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act. Additionally, we encourage our teammates, franchise partners, customers, and communities to contact their local congressperson to show support for H.R. 7079.

To see the bill in its entirety and for more information on the Clean Start: Back to Work Tax Credit Act, click here.

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